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Can I Change Travel Date in Ethiopian Airlines Flight?

Traveling is an unpredictable event that is not confirmed until you have completed the journey. Similarly, if you have purchased a flight ticket from Ethiopian Airlines, but the reason for getting there has been defeated, it results in a change of journey date. Then do not get worried about that because airlines permit such kinds of changes, and the detailed information about this you can get by pursuing the below titles.

Procedure to change flight date on Ethiopian Airlines

When you are entitled to change the flight date on Ethiopian Airlines, you can know the modes to conduct the procedures here. But to complete the payment, you may get to pay the Ethiopian airlines flight change fee, and the methods are as follows:-

Via call

You can approach the Ethiopian Airline customer service and make changes to your flight date via call by taking aid from them. Thus the official phone number is +1-802-308-3254 or 1 (800) 445-2733, and then choose the from the IVR menu after choosing issues.

  • Press1 to make the reservation or 
  • Press5 for the existing booking
  • And then press1 to change your name on a flight
  • Press5 to change the date
  • Press 9 to speak with customer service.

Via online

You can use online modes when you have to change the flight date on your own. If you require any hints, then comply with the steps that have been listed at the bottom:-

  • Open the official website of Ethiopian Airlines
  • Click on my booking option
  • Now enter your last name with the booking reference number
  • And then, click on the date change icon
  • After that, choose the preferable date and click on the next icon
  • Further, you get to make the payment and click on the finish icon.

Furthermore, by going through here, you can gain awareness about Ethiopian airlines flight change fee with the process and policy. If there is any difficulty getting it, approach an airline's customer service team.

Ethiopian Airlines Date Change Policy

When you switch the date of your original booking, you may follow up with Ethiopian airlines change flight date policy. It contains the statutory provision related to the date change, and it has been brought at the bottom:-

  • When you urge to change the Ethiopian airlines flight date within 24 hours of booking, which has been conducted seven days prior to departure. Then without any additional fees, such change is permitted.
  • When this grace period has lapsed and then to change the flight date, you may be charged with a penalty, which could depend on the fare types and routes.
  • Ethiopian Airlines do not take any extra sum when the passenger has met with a medical emergency or sickness on the travel date. But you may have to submit the relevant document to the airline for approval.
  • When your original flight has been delayed by three or more hours, you can swoop to the new date, and the Ethiopian airline doesn't take any extra amount.
  • If your original flight has been canceled and the airline has made a new arrangement, you can change the current flight date without paying additional money.
  • The ticket date is permitted one-day prior scheduled departure of the flight. And for that, you may get to pay around $60 to $300.
  • If you have conducted your booking through the travel agent, you can communicate with them about changing the travel date, not the Ethiopian airline.
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