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How can you cancel your flight with SpiceJet Airlines?

Are you looking for information on how to cancel your SpiceJet Airlines flight? If you are planned to fly shortly but unable to do that due to the last emergency, you can cancel your flight ticket. SpiceJet has established comprehensive proof standards for outcomes of such a flight cancellation, as have every one of the major airlines. SpiceJet Airlines flight tickets can be cancelled via a simple method. You can get brief details about your flight cancellation with SpiceJet Airlines from below.

What is the method for cancelling a SpiceJet Airlines flight?

SpiceJet Airlines allows you to cancel an air tickets by calling the reservation number or via its website's manage booking page. You can learn how to cancel SpiceJet Airlines flight ticket by following the instructions given below.

  • First of all, you should go to SpiceJet's main website.
  • Then go to the Manage booking section from the home page.
  • Next to request a flight cancellation you must submit your reservation number as well as your contact email address.
  • Then press the Retrieve Flight button to see all your scheduled flights with SpiceJet Airlines.
  • After which, you can choose a single flight from your bookings that you are willing to cancel.
  • Then press the cancel button available next to your chosen flight to proceed.
  • Finally, you can confirm your SpiceJet flight ticket cancellation and pay the applicable fee.

How much does it cost to cancel your SpiceJet flight ticket?

Passengers on SpiceJet Airlines have the right to cancel their flight ticket if essential due to unforeseen circumstances, however this comes with a cost. If you need to know how much the cancellation charges for air ticket Spicejet will be, you may find out from the points listed below.

  • SpiceJet Airlines charges a cancellation fee of RS 3500 for domestic flight tickets cancelled by passengers within 96 hours of scheduled departure.
  • The cancellation fee charged by the airlines for domestic flights cancelled by passengers within 96 hours of its scheduled departure is RS 3000.
  • The amount charged by the airlines for international flight ticket cancellation by passengers within 96 hours of scheduled departure is RS 5000.
  • The additional fee charged by the airlines for international flight tickets that are cancelled by passengers within 96 hours of the scheduled departure is RS 4500.

The right specifics about the process for cancelling your SpicJet Airlines flight ticket that you are unable to fly with owing to a sudden emergency are mentioned above. In addition, the facts provided above will inform you of the cancellation amount charged by the airline to individuals who cancel a flight with them. Furthermore, if you require any additional assistance in relation to a flight ticket reservation with SpiceJet Airlines, you can contact their customer support for assistance.

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