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How do I avoid extra fees on Spirit Airlines?

Though Spirit airlines is a low-cost airline, there are numerous cost Spirit charges in addition to the ticket fare, like while for the mode of booking, selecting a seat, or food onboard or baggage. You can avoid the extra fees on Spirit airlines if some points are carefully considered for flying without paying any extra money:

Buy the Spirit Airline ticket at the airport: if you purchase the ticket at the airport, the passenger usage fee can be avoided, which is usually charged around $ 8 -$ 20 for reservations on the phone or online. Therefore if you can manage to reach the airport and book the tickets directly at the spirit airline counter, it would cost a little less and save your money.

Don’t reserve a seat in advance: If you choose a seat on Spirit Airlines, there will be extra fees that have to be paid for reserving seats. Spirit charges somewhere between $1 to $30 as Spirit seat fees for advanced seat reservations.so it’s better to wait and let Spirit assign you the seat after check-in for free.

Print the boarding pass from Spirit Airline counter: when you reach the airport for the scheduled flight and the boarding pass is printed by the airport staff, a passenger is charged around $10 for printing the boarding pass. Hence if you do online check-in and print the boarding pass by yourself, you can save money.

Pack the luggage strictly according to Spirit baggage allowance: while traveling, spirit airlines ensure you keep the baggage within the allowed limit to avoid extra baggage charges. Spirit charges not only for checked baggage but also hand baggage that exceeds the weight or does not fit on the overhead bin.

Bring your own food: a good amount of money can be saved if you carry the food on your own because buying eatables on a Spirit flight can be very expensive, and you may end up paying for water as well. Therefore it is best to take the snacks and drinks beforehand and do not buy them onboard.

Become a $9 fare club member: if you join this club, Spirit will give you various discounts and offers on booking, and you can again save some money that is charged as hidden costs. This is beneficial if you are a regular flyer of Spirit Airlines.

How do I avoid the redemption fee on Spirit Airlines?

To avoid the redemption fee on Spirit Airlines, you must book the Spirit flight at least four to six weeks in advance. If the ticket is booked very close to the departure date of the scheduled flight, more redemption fee is charged. The booking must be necessarily 28 days or more before the scheduled flights' departure.

However, the following ways can also save you from redemption flight charges:

Frequent flyer: Spirit airlines give numerous favors to passengers who travel regularly, and there is the possibility that if you book the flight closer to the departure date, the redemption charges will be exempted or significantly less.

Member of fare club: To join this Spirit airline club, a specific amount is paid, and after that, you can enjoy a few benefits. As a member of this club, you can avoid the redemption fees of a Spirit flight.

How can I avoid paying for seats on Spirit?

When you check in for your Spirit airlines flight, a seat is assigned to you, but the difficult part is that if you are traveling with family and friends and want to sit together on the flight or you wish to have extra leg room. Spirit Airlines charges for assigning preferred seats which start from $5. If you want to avoid paying for seats on Spirit, do the following:

Don't reserve the seats in advance: Spirit Airlines charge a considerable amount if you reserve your preferred seats in advance for the scheduled flight. So when you do the check-in formalities, you can try to get a seat you want, subject to availability.

Use your miles: if you have been flying with Spirit Airlines, there must be a good number of miles in your account. Use those miles to reserve a seat and avoid paying any extra seat charges.

Frequent flyer benefits: Spirit Airlines gives several benefits to frequent flyers and if you are one, use those perks to get a seat of your choice without paying the seat charges.

Discount offers and promo codes: often, airlines, to ensure customer loyalty give discounts and other offers to retain customers for the airline. If Spirit has given any such offer on your ticket, use those promo codes and discount offers, if applicable, for selecting a seat without paying the selection fees.

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