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How Many Spirit Points Does It Take for a Free Flight?

How many Spirit points does it take for a free flight?

There are many things that can turn your simple airline trip into something magical. Free in-flight food, top-notch cabin entertainment, a window seat, spacious legroom, comfortable seats, seat selection options, and sometimes, a random upgrade to the business class. But not everything lies in your hand. Sometimes, you rely on your luck to get the right quality of service; not everyone shares the same preference. 

However, there is one option that can put a damper on the happiness you get from these services. What is it? How does booking an entire flight for free feel? You heard right. With spirit points, you can book an entire, even two, itineraries for free. What does Spirit points for a free flight mean, and how can you collect more points through the same routine? Everything is available on this page. So keep reading. 

Spirit points and their value

You must be on the edge of your seat, wanting to know how to use the opportunity. The answer is very simple; you can book a free Spirit flight in exchange for as low as 2,500 points. How to collect these points, and what are they worth?

You need to have a membership with the Spirit Airline in order to collect the points. The airline offers a frequent flyer program which will fetch huge benefits for passengers who often fly with this airline. This program is further divided into the following categories, and the Spirit Airlines points you earn will depend on this category. These are,

  • Free Spirit Members: You will earn 12 points on each $1 spent on A La Smarte option and 6 points on every $1 spent in general on the airline.
  • Free Spirit Silver Members: You will earn 16 points on each $1 spent on A La Smarte option and 8 points on every $1 spent on flight.
  • Free Spirit Gold Members: You will earn 20 points on each $1 spent on A La Smarte option and 10 points on every $1 spent on flight.

Get Spirit Points 

Now it is well understood by all that spending extra amounts on baggage and services to earn points is not something everyone prefers. There are other ways to get free Spirit Airlines points, and here are a few ways that can increase your points income by three-folds.

  • Get the free Spirit credit cards. The airline offers its passengers the option to use the following credit cards issued by the American Bank for transactions in the US market. These transactions will earn the user Spirit points, and the user can redeem these points to get a free flight in the future. These are Free Spirit Travel Mastercard and Free Spirit Travel More World Elite Mastercard. You don’t have to pay any annual fee for using these services, and these cards can earn up to 3 points per $1 spent outside the airline service domain.
  • Get points through surveys. The airline conducts a few surveys throughout the year, and the passengers can earn free Spirit Airlines points by participating in them.
  • The airline has a partnership with many companies, and you can earn points when you use their services such as dining, grocery shopping, car rental, hotels, etc. the airline has a complete list of merchants who are in partnership with the airline. 
  • You can also buy Spirit points! One point costs $0.25.

You can opt for any of these options and earn the points. Once you have collected enough points, you can redeem them on the payment page when booking the trip.

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