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How to cancel my Cathay Pacific flight ticket?

Cathay Pacific is the flag carrier of Hong Kong that helps the passengers to reach their destination. However, many customers have to cancel their flight booking due to certain circumstances. The airline is very supportive and has a flexible policy for cancellations in such cases. If you want to know how to cancel Cathay Pacific flight, you can take all the help with this article. Moreover, you can know about the flight canceling policies and fees to help you smooth flight cancellation at Cathay Pacific.

Steps to cancel Cathay Pacific flight ticket

You can cancel the flight ticket with Cathay Pacific using the official website and the customer service number. Below are the steps that can guide you to cancel the flight ticket online:

  • Head to the official website of Cathay Pacific first.
  • You can find the Manage option at the top menu of the Cathay Pacific homepage.
  • Choose the Manage Booking link and enter your flight number in the list.
  • You can also enter the 6-digit flight confirmation code along with your last name.
  • Now click on the booking you want to cancel with Cathay Pacific.
  • Hit the Cancel Booking button and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Pay the cancellation charges if applicable and wait to get a confirmation email.

You can cancel Cathay Pacific flight using the official website with the above steps. You can also contact the customer representative of the airline for the same. If you want to know the airline's cancellation policies, you can check the following segment.

What is the Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy?

Cathay Pacific cancellation policies state that you can cancel your flight before 24 hours of departure. However, if there is cancellation from the side of Cathay Pacific without any prior notice, you can ask for a complete refund. The airline provides compensation for the passengers that include-

  • Alternate flight to reach the destination
  • Refund in the form of travel voucher
  • Refund in the original payment method.

If you cancel the flight ticket with the airline, there are some more policies you need to know before the cancellation. Also, if you have booked a group trip, you can't cancel the flight ticket using the online platform. You need to contact the airline's customer support to make a Cathay Pacific group cancellation.

Cathay Pacific 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

As per the 24-hour cancellation policy, you can make the Cathay Pacific flight cancellation for free within 24 hours of the booking. You get a full refund on your booking as well. However, there is more to know about the Cathay Pacific 24 hour cancellation policy, so you need to read the points below:

  • The 24-hour cancellation policy is only applicable if there is a 7-days gap between the airline's boiling and scheduled departure date.
  • The 24 hours policy is limited to Cathay Pacific online and is not applicable with the partner airlines.
  • Cathay Pacific's 24-hour cancellation policy is only applicable for flights flying to and from the US and Canada.
  • If you cancel the flight after 24 hours of booking, you need to pay the cancellation charges.

Cathay Pacific Cancellation fee

Cathay Pacific charges $150 for the flights canceled after 24 hours of the booking. However, the cancellation charges also depend on the canceling time and booking type. If you have made the reservation through any travel agency, the cancellation charges may vary as per the agency policies. Moreover, if you forget to inform the airline and miss the fight, you need to pay a no-show fee of $50. 

These are the important policies you need to know about canceling flights with Cathay Pacific. You can also contact the airline's customer support to know more about Cathay Pacific cancellation policy. The live person at Cathay Pacific can help you in the flight cancellation process and help you save some money in the cancellation process. Now, you are ready to cancel the flight with Cathay Pacific and make the bookings whenever you want.

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