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Whether traveling with Spirit Airlines is better than Delta Airlines

Whether traveling with Spirit Airlines is better than Delta Airlines

In the present scenario, travelers have different priorities while selecting an airline. And when it comes to a choice between premium and low-cost airlines like Delta and Spirit, it can become more difficult. So, the travelers who fail to pick an airline between the two can check out the details shared in this article and plan out their trip accordingly. 

Comparison of Delta and Spirit Airlines depending on various factors

1) Price

Price is a factor that travelers are most concerned about while planning a trip. It was noticed that during the pandemic, the prices of Delta flights were quite high on some of the popular routes. On the other hand, Spirit Airlines offered low-fare tickets to the travelers, but after including the add-ons, the fare was expensive still reasonable. 

2) Airport services

As hygiene is a priority for most airlines, Delta Airlines ensures that travelers are offered the best safety services. 

  • Travelers can find hand sanitizer stations and social distancing marks at every step of the Delta counters to offer the best travel experience. 
  • Moreover, the Medallion elite and first-class members were able to board any time. 

On the other hand, those traveling by Spirit Airlines can expect a hassle-free experience as few passengers check baggage before the early flights. And the airline continued to board the travelers via assigned groups instead of back to front like Delta.

3) Onboard facilities

Onboard facilities during the pandemic are something that concerns most travelers. So, to help travelers get an idea about the onboard services, one can go through the details shared below. 

a) Delta

  • As Delta Airlines is blocking middle seats in economy and adjacent seats in first-class, one can find a lot of space to spread out. 
  • Apart from that, travelers can find an adjustable headrest along with a reclining tray table to hold a 13-inch MacBook easily. 
  • Overall social distancing won't be difficult while traveling by Delta. 

b) Spirit 

  • Spirit is not blocking any seats and is flying with fill capacity. So, one can easily book big front seats. 
  • The seats are not reclining and do not offer WiFi services. 
  • There is a tray table and center console for drinks, and one can easily perform their work tasks. 
  • The legroom is quite minimal in comparison to Spirit flight. 

4) Amenities

As Delta ensures that the travelers are offered premium services, the traveler gets free messaging, screens at seatback, free headsets, multiple entertainment options, and onboard WiFi services. On the other hand, Spirit Airlines does not have much to offer when it comes to in-flight entertainment or amenities. However, the airline offered adjustable air vents. 

5) COVID procedures

When it comes to abiding by the protocols of COVID guidelines, Delta is quite proactive. The airline agents are always present in the gate area to ensure mask enforcement, social distancing, and back-to-front boarding. Further, the airline is abiding by blocked seat policy and strict mask enforcement throughout the trip. Moreover, while deplaning, the travelers receive a text message until the front row clears up. 

While Spirit Airlines is quite strict with the mask enforcement guideline, travelers are notified about the sanitization of the flights. However, it has been noticed that hand sanitizers were not handed to the travelers. And there are no special provisions for deplaning that the airline needs to work on. 

6) Beverage and food service

a) Delta Airlines 

For all the Delta domestic flights within the continental U.S, the travelers are offered a selection of snack boxes in first-class and snack bags in economy and Comfort plus. Further, the travelers traveling in first-class they are served wine, beer, and water. However, for those traveling by economy, they get mini water bottles. 

b) Spirit Airlines 

The services offered by Spirit Airlines is fairly standard, and those who have purchased Big Front seat are offered a menu from which one can pick the drinks and snacks available for purchase. 

So, depending on the information shared by the traveler can easily decide whether they should travel with Delta Airlines or Spirit. However, travelers who are quite concerned about the budget can opt to book the reservations with Spirit Airlines. 

Is Delta Airlines is the best airline to travel in the U.S?

Indeed, the services offered by Delta Airlines are the finest, but one needs to spend a bit more while confirming their reservations. However, travelers who have a budget constraint can consider traveling by Spirit and grab the cheapest fare for their reservations.

Are Delta Seats Bigger than Spirit Airlines?

Delta Airlines provides you with the most comfortable and extra spacious seats for all its passengers. A new superior Delta cabin, wherein the seats are much broader, offers you additional recline seats. It provides you the extra comfort of your seats through which you will easily choose your favorite seats and get the services you require.  

You do get you have chosen the delta seats you do get the adjustable footrest and the leg rest in the widebody aircraft, which provides you the most reasonable seats. 

Delta offers you a different set of seats such as First Class, Premium class, Basic Economy, and standby tickets to them. 

There is much difference between delta comfort and spirit airlines seats . They do offer you the extra legroom. The seats in Delta Airlines do offer you the most optimum seats . 

As far as the Spirit Airlines is concerned it is a low cost airline which does provide you the most reliable services its rates are low too. Usually, you will save the front seat in Spirit Airlines, which offers you the most appropriate services possible. Spirit Airlines does offer you excellent seats through which you can choose a seat of your own choice. Usually, spirit Airlines seats are less wider, or delta airlines seats are more comfortable than Spirit Airlines. 

The ways mentioned above will throw light on the fact why Spirit Airlines are far or more better than the Delta airlines which do provide you the most affordable seats and convenient seats as per your convenience and preferences. Usually, Spirit Airlines offers you the most convenient services or low-cost tickets compared to Delta Airlines. 


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