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United Airlines Baggage Policy

United Airlines Baggage Policy

United Airlines is one of the leading airlines based in the United States. If you have booked a reservation with them, you are going to experience one of the most hospitable environments with the amazing crew and staff members at the airline assisting you on board and providing excellent customer service. If you are wondering about United Airlines baggage policy, along with other baggage-related concerns on United, this complete baggage guide will make traveling easy for you. 

United Airlines for passengers traveling in basic Economy class allows: 

  • One carry-on item for free of cost
  • One small personal item for free of cost 
  • Carry on baggage 
  • Check baggage for applicable fees as per the policy 
  • Overweight or oversized baggage for applicable fees depending on the extra weight or size
  • Sporting equipment for an applicable fee

Some of the United Airline’s policies for traveling with your carry-on and checked baggage are as follows: 

  • Any carry-on baggage with one personal item (Handbag, laptop bag, camera bag, etc.) can be carried inside the aircraft without paying any extra charges. 
  • Carry-on bags must fit the dimensions for one piece, that is, 56*36*23 centimeters (115 centimeters) or 22*14*9 (45 linear inches), and must fit in the overhead cabins properly or the seat in the front. 
  • The dimensions of personal items must not exceed 41*28*20 centimeters (89 centimeters) or 16*11*8 inches (36 linear inches). This must also fit in the overhead cabin or the seat in the front. 
  • Any items, such as diaper bags, umbrellas, strollers, walkers, etc., are not counted as carry-on or personal items and are allowed inside for free. 
  • Economy class passengers are entitled to pay fees and charges to carry checked baggage in United Airlines. 
  • Passengers can carry up to 2 checked baggage, and each bag must not exceed 23 kg and the size of 157 centimeters or 62 inches. 
  • If a passenger wishes to carry overweight, oversized, or extra checked baggage, a fee may apply as per the policy. 

It is important to follow the baggage policy at United Airlines, or else it can lead to inconvenience or denied boarding at the airport. 

United Airlines checked baggage fee

Passengers traveling in basic economy class, according to the United Airlines baggage department, must pay some charges if they wish to carry checked baggage. Up to two bags that fit the dimensions and weight are allowed by the airline. Extra baggage, oversized or overweight luggage, can also be added by paying for it. 

  • First baggage- USD 30
  • Second baggage- USD 40 
  • Third baggage and more: USD 150 per baggage

You can also use the baggage calculator on the official website to know the exact allowance as per your destination and fare type. 

How many check in baggage allowed in United Airlines? 

United Airlines allows two pieces of baggage per passenger as check-in luggage. If you are traveling in economy class, you will have to pay some charges to carry checked baggage on United. The airline does not entertain oversized or overweight luggage free of cost. If you want to carry one extra luggage, you will have to pay the fees. 

How many bags does United Airlines allow for free?

For economy class passengers, United Airlines allows only one carry-on bag along with one personal item for free that is supposed to be carried inside the aircraft. Passengers must ensure that the carry-on bag and one extra bag must fit the overhead cabins or the seats in the front and must not exceed the dimensions. This will lead to extra fees. 

How many bags do you get with United Basic Economy?

In total, passengers can carry up to four bags as per the United Airlines lost and found department of bags policy. One carry-on luggage and one personal item such as a handbag or laptop bag can be carried for free inside the aircraft, and as per the checked baggage, two baggage of 23 kg weight each are allowed. Checked baggage for basic economy passengers comes with some charges. Items such as diaper bags, strollers, wheelchairs, etc., can be carried for free.

Passengers can also use the baggage calculator mentioned on the official website of United Airlines to check the exact baggage allowance and fees based on the destination and the fare type. For more details, please visit the official website. For more information, please visit the official website or speak with an agent over the phone.

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