How do I Change My Name on Alaska Airlines Flight Ticket

Alaska airlines headquartered in Sea-Tac. It is the topmost airline in America and covers more than a hundred destinations. When it comes to services, Alaska airlines has not left any method to help their customer. If you are traveling with this airline, then you should not worry about the services.

If you are a first-time flyer and noticed that there is a spelling mistake in your boarding pass, then you do not have to worry. Alaska provides quick assistance to their passenger. With Alaska Airlines name correction policy you can correct the name. 


First, it is imperative to understand how you can make changes. 

How to Change the Name on the Boarding Pass 

  • Click on the manage my booking option
  • Provide all the necessary details, like last name and confirmation number. 
  • Go to the booking details and click on the change name option. However, you cannot do major changes as per the Alaska Airlines Policy. We have discussed them below, go through it. 


Name Correction Policy of Alaska Airlines 

There are certain points you have to direct before you make the changes. We have covered some vital points below. 

  1. 24-hour rule 

 Many time, a person get confused with the fee policy. What is the Alaska Airlines name change fee and how one can pay it? These are the basic questions. But, it depends on the timing and type of error.

  • In this rule, you cannot make changes at the last moment. 
  • If you do so, then you might have to pay the additional charges. But, if you correct the name before 24-hour departure, then it will be free. 
  • If any kind of change is made within 24 hours, then you might have to bear the cost of up to $125. So! Remember this point during making any kind of changes. 
  1. Manage travel option 

  • The changes can be made through the manage travel option. It is available on the site, all you have to provide the details, like ID and confirmation number. 
  • You can connect to customer support through email, and chat. However, you have to provide full details of the problem. 
  1. Only Typo Error Is Permissible To Change

In Alaska Airlines' name change policy, only minor changes are allowed. For example, if you are name is Henry, and the error name is Herny, then you can go ahead and make changes. You cannot change the complete name. 

  1. Provide Documents 

 Alaska airlines are quite flexible with their terms. They provide every kind of assistance to their passengers. Willing to change the whole name? Then follow the below-mentioned things. 

  • Submit the legal documents 
  • Name proof 
  • Stamped paper by an authorized person
  1. Transfer The Ticket

 In many cases flyer wants to transfer the ticket to some other person. If you want to transfer the ticket then it is not possible. Alaska Airlines are strict with their security and for that reason, you cannot transfer the ticket. 

If you have booked the ticket through a travel agency, then you have to contact the concerned person. You can make changes by visiting the airport and connect with the service person. or you can directly talk to live person at Alaska Airlines on +1-802-308-3254 and ask for help.

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