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How can I get a Refund from Copa Airlines?

How can I get a Refund from Copa Airlines?

Copa airlines are eminent for their services. It is been more than 70 years, they are assisting with flyers in every possible way. You want to cancel the ticket and want to learn about the refund policy? Here we have accumulated all the necessary information about Copa Airlines refund policy.

Refund Depends On the Fare Rule

The ticket you booked may or may not be refundable. Not every ticket is refundable. The process of refund relies on the fare rules of that ticket. If you have purchased the refundable ticket, then you are completely eligible for the refund. 

  • Visit the official site of Copa airlines
  • Log in with the registered account
  • Search for the bookings
  • Explore the manage my bookings options
  • While canceling Copa Airlines booked ticket, you have to apply for the refund too.

In the case of not refundable, you can purchase a new ticket. In other scenarios, where you may refuse the purchase of a new ticket, the refund money may be limited. 

The Refund Should Be Issued To The Customer 

In case of refunds, the person who paid for the ticket can apply for it. However, they have to present the payment proof. It may occur, that customer faces some medical emergency, and in that case, a doctor’s written proof is required. And the money will transfer to any person related to the family. It could be a spouse, mother, brother, or father. 

The Ticket Should Not Be Expired

You have to apply for a refund before the ticket gets expires. The date of expiry must be mentioned on the booked ticket. Or, if you are unsure about the ticket’s expiry date, you can contact the reservation center of Copa. 

If the booked ticket is cancel due to your choice, then as per Copa Airlines cancellation fee you might get a fewer amount as a refundBut, in the case of involuntarily, you can apply for the full amount, but again it should unexpired ticket. 

Rely On The Type Of Payment

How you will receive the payment rely on the type of payment you make. The payment can be made in two ways. 

  • Using credit card 

If you made the payment through a credit card, then the refund will be reflected in two statements. Process timing is directly connected to the credit card’s billing cycle period. 

  • Cash or check

Most of the passengers made payment through cash or check. If you have made similar payments then you might have to wait for the refund money. Copa Airlines refund request may take 20 days to refund. So make sure you apply for the refund money as quickly as possible. 

These are the process, through which you can apply for the refund. 

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