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How Do I Speak to Qantas?

How Do I Speak to Qantas Airlines?

Qantas provides various modes of communication to interact with its customers globally. Qantas Airline has a vast customer support team who takes care of your queries 24/7. If you want to speak to Qantas but don't know the procedure, you can check out the listed steps below. 

  • Launch the official website of Qantas using any web browser
  • Go to the help and support page link on top, click on it 
  • Now click on the link 'find out more under the contact us section
  • Get your toll-free number +61-251335873, 1-802-308-3254 or +612 8222 2439, dial it on your mobile 
  • You get to hear IVR instructions on cal, which are as below
    • Press 1 or 2 to select your language 
    • Press 3 for reservation-related issues
    • Press 4 to know the flight status 
    • Press 5 for cancellation-related query 
    • Press 6 for refund-related issues 
    • Press 9 to connect with customer service 

When you connect with the live agent using option 9, wait on call. Soon the system will divert your call to the live agent with whom you can discuss the issues 

So, by following the steps above, you can talk to Qantas representatives anytime. Besides, you can also visit the support page of Qantas online to access other customer support options, which include chat support, email support, social media, etc.

Is Qantas call Centre open 24 hours?

Yes! It is open for 24 hours. If you want to access Qantas call center phone numbers to connect to the airline, follow the procedure below.

  • Launch the official site of Qantas Airways 
  • There visit the help and support page of the airline
  • Please find out the link 'worldwide contact details under the contact us section 
  • Go to the page, and you get customer care numbers for different regions and departments
  • You can choose your number and connect to the airline anytime 

Although you get 24/7 hours of assistance via Qantas phone number, there are some regions for which the support is available during business hours only. You can get the details by visiting the contact us page online. Besides, you can also connect with Qantas customer service 24/7 via other communication modes, as below.

Social media 

You can also connect with Qantas customer service 24/7 through its social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. To share your query on social media pages, you can follow the airline by clicking on the links available on the website. Once you share your request with the airline, it takes around 1-2 hours to get a response.

Email support 

You can opt for email support to share feedback, compliments, concerns, etc. You can either use the direct email address of Qantas customer service or the online form available on the support page to share your email.

Can Qantas call back?

Yes! Qantas call back in case you call a Qantas contact center in New Zealand or Australia. When you opt for callback service, you don't need to wait on call for long. To access the callback service, you can select the desired callback number, and Qantas will let you know when the telephone consultant will call you. Moreover, you can follow the procedure below if you don't know how callback works.

Follow the procedure below to get a callback from Qantas

  • Dial the Qantas customer care phone number +61-251335873 or 1-802-308-3254 on your mobile
  • Choose your language and follow the IVR running on call.
  • You get various options; select the one that meets your query. 
  • Now follow further instructions to speak to the live agent. 
  • While you wait for a live person on call, the system provides you two options; wait on the call queue or opt for a callback option. 
  • You can say 'yes' to call back and provide the required information. 

You can easily get a callback from Qantas anytime by following the information above. Besides that, you can also share the Qantas call back requests with the airline using other contact options: email support, social media, and a contact form. Once the Qantas Airline receives your request, they will give you a callback soon.

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