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How Long Can I Hold a Flight Reservation?

How long can I hold a flight reservation?

Holding a flight reservation means that you have partly paid for the ticket purchase and have yet to confirm your flight reservation with the concerned airline. Different airlines have varied flight holding policies according to their passengers, flying class, and other factors. However, most airlines generally allow passengers to opt for the flight booking hold for 24, 48, or 72 hours. However, how long you can hold a flight reservation totally depends on the departure date. You can also contact the customer service of the concerned airlines to inquire about their flight holding rules.

What are the circumstances under which you can hold a flight booking?

1. Advance Bookings

Almost all airlines provide the option to their passengers to hold their flight reservations if they reserve their flight in advance. How long you can keep the flight depends on the airline and how early you take the date to secure your flight bookings. The "hold a flight" option automatically appears at the time of online advance booking if you are eligible for that. The amount you pay for the flight hold is non-refundable. However, some airlines may refund you the security deposit.

2. Group Bookings

The concerned airlines primarily provide flight holding options when traveling in a group to the mentioned destination. Every airline defines the group differently in its guidelines, but generally, it is considered group travel when flying with seven or more people. You can apply to hold a plane ticket in the form you have filled out for group flight booking or can even take the assistance of the technical team of the concerned airlines.

3. Elite Members

If you are an elite member or a part of the frequent flyer program of the respective airlines, you may be provided with the option of holding the flight. You can go through the policies of the concerned airlines regarding the elite members to view the advantages they provide to their members, such as how long you can hold the flight, what security amount you have to pay, whether the fee is refundable or not, etc.

How do I hold a flight booking?

You can hold your flight bookings in various ways, but which method will be suitable for you depends on what mode you use to book your flight tickets. Below are the methods to put your flight ticket on hold. Both the below-stated methods are equal in terms of effectiveness. However, you must ensure that you choose the mode that is easiest to execute and handle.

  • Customer Service Assistance: You can reach out to the respective airlines' customer service and inquire about the procedure for flight holding. Their officials can also resolve your queries related to flight security, such as how much security deposit you have to pay, whether the deposit is refundable, etc.
  • Manage Bookings: Some airlines' websites also offer the option of flight holding through the "Manage Booking" or "Online flight booking" procedure. However, this option may only be available in particular conditions, such as advance reservations, group bookings, etc.
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