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How to Cancel Malaysian Airlines Flight?

How to Cancel Malaysian Airlines Flight?

Malaysian Airlines is an airline from Malaysia, as the name suggests. It is one of its country's major flag carriers and is a highly reputed partner of One world alliances. The airline is best known for the kind of advantages they provide its passengers. You can always come up to them if you have any problems. Now, if you have got your flight booked with them and are looking for ways to cancel Malaysian Airlines flight because of your urgent schedule, then read this article for details. This is specially written for passengers to know how to cancel Malaysian airline flights.

As per the cancellation policy, you have various ways to cancel your Malaysian Airlines flight. You are welcome to follow any of the methods and get your flight canceled. However, the most preferred one is through the webpage. Follow the steps written below for it. 

Steps to cancel your Malaysian Airlines:

  • First step is to visit the official website of Malaysian Airlines.
  • Next click on the "Manage" option in the menu bar. 
  • Fill it with your booking reference number and your last name and navigate to your flight. 
  • Then, you will see the flight details, and the option to cancel your flight will be given alongside your flight details. 
  • Click on the option and cancel all of the details of your flight. Then, you can pay the cancellation charges, if any. 
  • And then, you will receive a confirmation mail mentioning that your flight has been canceled.

Therefore, the above steps can help you change your flight details through the official website. The other two methods are either visiting the airport or call the airline. In both ways, you must approach the assistant and request them to cancel your flight ticket. That's it. 

Malaysian Airlines Cancelation policy 

If you are canceling your Malaysian Airlines, then you should make sure that you adhere to the  Malaysian Airlines cancellation policy. The cancelation policy tells you about the terms and conditions associated with Malaysian Airlines. You can read the notes of the cancelation policy and help yourself. 

  • If you go for flight cancelation within the first 24 hours, then you do not have to pay the cancellation charges. 
  • However, if you get your flight canceled after the risk-free time frame of 24 hours, then you have to pay for the flight cancellation charges. 
  • The cancellation charges are, however, decided upon your fare type, travel destination, route, and class/cabin. 
  • If you cancel the flight, then you have to pay the cancellation charges if you have canceled it after 24 hours of purchasing the flight ticket. However, if the airline cancels your flight, then you will get a reebok or will get a complete refund. 
  • If booked through a travel agent or agency, the flight can only be canceled through them. Malaysian Airlines cannot provide any assistance to these passengers.  

Therefore, you can cancel your flight easily and with no tension through the highlights written above. Knowing the cancelation policy only benefits the passengers. 


Now, this is the complete information regarding cancel MAS flight ticket. You have the complete information regarding your concern; however, if you still feel like you have left something behind and have some concerns, then you can connect with the customer service of Malaysian Airlines. And get all of their services. You can ask them to assist you at anytime of the day and whenever. 

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