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How do I contact lost and found on United Airlines?

Suppose you are going to pursue your traveling with United Airlines and you are a new flyer of this airline, then it is quite common that you may go with some wrong stepping, due to which you may face troubles after completing your tour. So, in such circumstances, the most issuance peripheral would be with your lost luggage, or it got held somewhere, and you didn't receive the luggage at the time. Therefore, resolving such matters would be possible at the time when you contact lost and found on United Airlines, as this option would result in quite an affirmative way to resolve all your issues regarding baggage. 

United Airlines lost and found Policies:

In accordance with United Airlines' lost and found policy, there are a few basic points that you are supposed to consider for the luggage inconvenience you face at United. So, to get through such a query.

  • In cases where passengers are getting troubled with lost luggage and they request United helpdesk assistance, then they will resolve issues by themselves rather than opting for third-party agencies. 
  • Moreover, if United have lost your luggage, then they are required to reimburse passenger in situations like damage, delay, or missing at the airport. 
  • Note that the airline is responsible for situations where you have a delay in receiving your bags as soon as possible. Or you can take the step of filing a delay report query at the United official website.

How to contact the United Airlines lost and found department?

If you want to use the phone option in reference to reporting luggage to the lost and found department of the airline, then you are required to call United Airlines Baggage Recovery Center. For this great option, you can use the calling steps as referred to below.

  • Dial United Airline lost and found department contact number 1-800-335-2247
  • You now need to pick the language of your preference 
  • Then go by the rest of IVR commands related to lost luggage
  • Select the option that transfers your call to the United airline Lost and Found department 
  • In the end, you are going to receive instant help direct from the live assistant for such uneven issues. 

Can I report United Airlines' lost luggage form online?

Yes, another convenient option that is helpful for passengers to report lost luggage would be filing an online form at United's official website because it is also one of the best options for Contact United Airlines lost and found; for this convenient option, you shall be following the below steps for filing an online form. 

  • Visit the United Airlines website and choose the help icon
  • Now tap over the baggage option and select the lost items option 
  • Next, onscreen, you get the online form link, which you have to click 
  • Further onscreen, you have the form available to fill in with the necessary details 
  • At last, tap over the submit button, and you are going to receive confirmation email.

Hence, in case you are still getting bothered with lost luggage at United Airlines, then at that particular instance, you shall visit the airport's available helpdesk for the lost department, and there you can provide details and receive assistance.

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