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Cómo me comunico con American Airlines por teléfono

Cómo me comunico con American Airlines por teléfono

Si desea comunicarse con American Airlines, puede usar el teléfono en español de American Airlines 800-633-3711 / 802-780-2064 y lo conectará con un agente de servicio al cliente.

Pasos para comunicarse con American Airlines a través de una llamada telefónica:

  1. La llamada telefónica es una de las formas convenientes y rápidas de conectarse con el equipo de servicio al cliente de American Airlines marcando el 1-800-433-7300.
  2. By using a phone call method, you need to call on the provided support numbers of the airline. Once your call gets connected, you are supposed to explain your issues clearly to the representante del client. After some time, they will provide you accurate and useful solutions to your problems.
  3. The provided helpline numbers are cost-effective and are accessible round the clock in your service.

Beneficios de comunicarse por teléfono en American Airlines:

Son muchos los beneficios de ponerse en contacto con el equipo de soporte de las aerolíneas estadounidenses por teléfono. Few of the benefits are given below:

  • Provides immediate and required solutions to your problems.
  • Have well-trained and highly qualified technical professionals.
  • Provides 24/7 customer assistance.
  • Helps passengers to manage the flight reservations and many others.

In this way, you can easily connect to the support person of American airlines in a very comfortable manner. If you still have any doubt or need to ask something, puede llamar al equipo de atención al cliente de American Airlines para obtener la asistencia deseada al 800-433-7300.

Idioma Teléfono Horarios (CT)
Inglés 800-433-7300 24 hours
Español 800-633-3711 24 hours
Francés 800-756-8613 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Portugués 866-824-8717 6 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Creole 800-833-5767 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Japonés 800-237-0027 24 hours
Chino mandarín 800-492-8095 24 hours

¿Puede chatear con American Airlines?

American Airlines is one of the finest airlines that lets you conectarse con sus Servicios al cliente live person without any delay. Besides, the airline does have the live chat feature through which it lets you hablar con sus ejecutivos de Servicio al cliente. In addition, the following are the top benefits of contacting a live person through the live chat feature.

  • 24/7 availability
  • The live person provides on-time assistance through the AA live chat.
  • It has an instant turnaround time.

Also, one can Comuníquese con American Airlines via live chat to get help on the following aspects of their travel plans.

  • Reservaciones
  • Gestionar reserva
  • Check-in
  • ravel Policies
  • Flight cancellations and flight change, rebooking, Group travel
  • Flight status (delay/cancellations)
  • Other queries

American Airlines tiene chat en vivo?

The Servicios de chat en vivo de American Airlines are provided through both the airline’s official website and mobile application. One can get access to the live chat feature through the contact us page on American Airlines, and also through the official mobile application. Also, if you are an AAdvantage member, then you can use the mobile app to directly speak to the live person at any time.

Puede obtener acceso al chat en vivo, luego navegar a la sección de soporte de chat y luego elegir un tema sobre el que desea obtener ayuda. Luego, siga las instrucciones en pantalla para comunicarse con la persona en vivo.

¿Puedo enviar un correo electrónico a American Airlines?

Sí, uno puede comunicarse con American Airlines a través de la opción de soporte por correo electrónico a customer.inquiry.uk.1@aa.com y consultar sobre sus dudas y consultas con los ejecutivos de servicio al cliente.

Besides, the email support option can be used for sharing feedback, grievances, and other important information with the AA customer services executives. However, the turnaround time may be delayed with this contact option, and you may have to wait a bit more than the live chat option. Hence, it is suggested to opt for the Soporte telefónico de American Airlines 800-433-7300 or live chat support option to Póngase en contacto con las expertas en vivo de AA.

¿Cómo llamar a American Airlines?

For travelers who wish to seek assistance from American Airlines over a phone call, they are required to visit the airline website and look for the toll-free customer service number to comuníquese con American Airlines. Further, after finding the number, the traveler can follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Dial the toll-free customer service number and wait for the IVR to be launched.
  • Then, from the provided options, the traveler can pick the preferred option. 
  • Further, the traveler will be assigned a support representative from whom one can seek the required assistance and manage their bookings. 

¿Cuál es el número de teléfono en español para las reservaciones de American Airlines?

Los viajeros que tengan consultas sobre American Airlines y necesiten asistencia en español pueden marcar 800-633-3711 disponible las 24 horas.

¿Cómo llamar a American Airlines desde Honduras?

American Airlines Honduras Número de teléfono: 800-2791-9363, Número gratuito: 802-780-2064

¿Cómo llamar a American Airlines desde Perú?

American Airlines Peru Phone number: Lima: 211-7000, Número gratuito: 802-780-2064

¿Cómo llamar a American Airlines desde Cuba?

Número de teléfono American Airlines Cuba: 0800-22737, Número gratuito: 802-780-2064

¿Cómo llamar a American Airlines desde Argentina?

Número de teléfono American Airlines Argentina: Buenos Aires: 4318-1111, Número gratuito: 802-780-2064

¿Cómo llamar a American Airlines en Chile?

Número de teléfono American Airlines Chile: 56 22-938-1417, Número gratuito: +56 22-938-2240

How to call American Airlines from El Salvador?

Número de teléfono American Airlines El Salvador: 2298-0777, Número gratuito: 802-780-2064

¿Cómo hacer un reclamo en American Airlines?

On the particular page, the traveler can easily find contact numbers that one can dial to seek prompt assistance to resolve their reservation-related queries in time and plan out their trip. 

In the interest of the travelers, the airline has introduced a provision to help one claim compensation against the lost baggage or property. Further, for the travelers who are not aware of how to claim Reservas de American Airlines, one can follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • To begin the process, the traveler needs to fill up the passenger property questionnaire along with the 13 character file reference number.
  • Further, the traveler needs to send the questionnaire and claim details along with the online contact form. 
  • In the contact form, select the subject as delayed bag expense and provide the ticket receipt and baggage claim checks.
  • After filling up the complete details, the traveler can submit the online form and the claim will be processed immediately. 

Alternatively, the traveler can even request their claim by sending direct mail to the airline using their official mailing address. 

¿Cómo realizar algún cambio en los boletos de American Airlines?

To cambiar las reservaciones de American Airlinesthe traveler needs to follow the quick instructions mentioned below and modify their bookings before the departure of the flight.

  • On the airline website, the traveler needs to click on the My Trips tab. 
  • Here, the traveler needs to mention the first and last name along with the reservation number. 
  • Further, the traveler needs to click on the Find reservation button. 
  • After finding the reservation, the traveler can opt for the flight change option. 
  • And then, if the flight is eligible, the traveler can confirm an alternative flight and proceed. 
  • Further, the traveler can confirm the flight by making an online payment for the fare difference. 

Alternatively, the traveler can change their reservations by reaching out to the customer service of the airline and manage their bookings in time. 

¿Cómo cancelar un vuelo en American Airlines?

For the travelers looking for information on how to cancelar vuelo de American Airlines, they are required to make use of the My Trips service by following the quick instructions mentioned below:

  • Open the My Trips page and provide the reservation details along with the reference number. 
  • Further, the traveler needs to opt for the cancel option and proceed. 
  • If the reservation is eligible, the cancellation of the flight ticket will be processed. 
  • After the cancellation confirmation, the traveler will be offered the information that they use to process a quick refund.  

In case of issues with online cancellation, the traveler can comuníquese con American Airlines and seek required information to process a quick cancellation and manage the bookings.

¿Está disponible el servicio de atención al cliente de American Airlines las 24 horas del día, los siete días de la semana?

El Departamento de Transporte de los Estados Unidos requiere que las líneas aéreas proporcionen a los clientes una ventana de 24 horas para cambiar de opinión. Algunos hacen esto con una retención libre, pero American le permite cancelar un billete para un reembolso completo dentro de las 24 horas de la reserva (siempre que usted haga la compra inicial por lo menos dos días antes de la salida). Excepto en el caso de los billetes adquiridos como parte de un bloque de grupo, esto se aplica a todos los billetes.

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Cómo me comunico con American Airlines por teléfono

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