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Can I cancel my Avis reservations online?

Yes, if you are allowed to cancel your current or previous reservations made on Avis, all this can be done through the multiple ways of cancelation provided by Avis. But canceling your reservations on Avis online is one of the most recommended options that one can use in a very quick and reliable manner. You can quickly cancel Avis reservations online after following the below steps:

  • Go to the official Avis website through your browser.

  • Click on View/Modify/Cancel section.

  • Select your country, and then enter the last name and confirmation number.

  • You need to click on the Find Reservation tab.

  • Select your reservation and then click on the Cancel option.

  • You can pay the applicable cancelation fee for Avis to cancel a reservation.

Can I Cancel my Avis reservations by phone?

Yes, you can even use the phone option to cancel your Avis reservations if you are not familiar with the online process and don’t have enough time for it. The representatives will cancel your reservations quickly once you make a phone call on their phone number available on the official website.

Steps to cancel Avis reservation by phone:

  1. Dial +1 (802)-721-7008 or 1 (800) 352-7900 using the dialer of your phone.
  2. You need to choose your preferred language or press 1.
  3. Press 2, for the general queries related to reservation.
  4. Press 3, to cancel your reservation automatically.
  5. Press 7, and speak to a live person to cancel your Avis reservation.

Does Avis charge cancellation fee?

Yes, Avis charges a cancelation fee whenever you cancel your previous or current reservations on Avis. So you must be aware of the Avis cancelation fee before you make any refund or cancelation request against any reservation. You will be charged a $50 processing fee if you cancel your prepaid reservations 24 hours before the scheduled pickup time of your rental car. The cancelation fee on Avis also depends on the duration of cancelation and other factors that you can read in the cancelation policy of Avis.

What is Avis cancelation policy?

If you are thinking of canceling your Avis reservation due to any circumstance or reason, then you are completely allowed to do. But before you make a cancelation request, make sure that you know about the Avis car rental cancelation policy that can help you to understand the various important things related to the cancelation, whether it’s rules or fees. You can go through the below cancelation policy of Avis to understand it in a better way:

  • You are permitted to cancel your Avis reservations up to 24 hours after the scheduled departure.

  • You will get a refund on your cancelation reservations from Avis if you cancel them within 24 hours of the reservations.

  • It is mandatory to cancel your reservation before the car rental pick time; otherwise, Avis will provide no refund.

How long does Avis take to refund deposit?

If you are eligible for a refund and made a refund request as per the refund policy, then it may take up to 10 business days or as per the credit card company. If you made payment for your reservations via cash, then it may take up to 20 business days to credit a refund into your account. You can also contact Avis through multiple ways to check your refund status and other things.  You can also check your status on the official website/

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