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How do I Request to Get a Refund from Eva Air?

Travelers do have many questions circling around refunds and cancellations. Refunds are issued for flights canceled before departure and require a proper cancellation confirmation code. Refunds are processed by the refund team in the customer service department and the process may take time because of certain factors such as, 

  • Refund timeline, 
  • Date of cancellation, 
  • Flight fare category, etc. 

Let us consider a few questions based on the refund process to derive a better understanding of how to get refund from Eva air when one cancels their flight reservation. 

What is Eva’s air Refund Policy? 

The refund policy issued by Eva air allows travelers to get a better understanding of things related to refunds and cancellations. The inclusion of the Eva air refund policy is as follows: 

  • Refunds are available for refundable flight fares issued by Eva air. Refunds are available for flights using online and offline methods. 
  • Refunds are generated within a 24-hour window and canceling your flight within 24 hours will waive off the extra cancellation charges. 
  • Refunds are available at once using the refund request option. However, it may take around 7 to 10 business days for the amount to reflect in your original payment source. 
  • Refunds are applicable on non-refundable flights as well. Travelers will receive a future travel credit with the airline. 

Note: The future travel credit is valid for one year from the date of issue. This can be used for online flight reservations. 

Steps to Call Eva Air to get a refund:

Sometimes, passengers are unaware of the process to cancel the flight tickets or EVA Air refund on their own and want to get in touch with the customer service executive to know the steps to cancel the flight tickets. 

To get a refund from Eva Air you have to dial toll-free number +1-802-308-3254 or 1(800) 695-1188 and then follow the rest of the IVR menu:

  • Click on the 1 button to choose the language of your choice.
  • Click on the # button to know the booking and canceling process.
  • Click on the * button if you want any guidance regarding the service of EVA Airlines.
  • Click on the 2 button to know about the refund and compensation scheme.
  • Click on the 0 button to directly reach the customer service person.

Is Eva air giving refunds? 

Refunds are available for flight fares reserved with Eva air. Travelers can connect with the customer service team to get timely refunds for flight cancellations.  Eva air issues refunds for flights that come under the refundable category. 

Travelers must cancel their flight within 24-hour time to get full refunds from the airline and this also allows them to save the extra cancellation cost collected by the passengers. 

In case of a non-refundable flight fare, travelers will get a future travel credit with the airline. This remains valid for one year from the date of issue. You can use the future travel credit for reserving seats with Eva air. 

The refundable amount however depends on how early you cancel your flight reservation from the actual date of departure of the flight. This is the most important factor in deciding the refundable amount paid to passengers. 

How to get a refund at Eva Air? 

Refunds are available online and offline using the refund request form and by talking to someone at Eva air. Travelers can reach a customer service professional via the helpline number. 

A cancellation confirmation number is vital for refunds at Eva air. Passengers can cancel their flight reservations online and offline using the website and by talking to someone at Eva air. 

Travelers can cancel their flight reservation online using the below-mentioned step by step guide: 

  • Open your web browser and navigate to the official website of Eva air. 
  • Select the My trips option to proceed with the cancellation and refund process. 
  • Select the manage my booking option and proceed further. 
  • Enter a few details such as your booking reference number or PNR number followed by your last name. Hit the submit option. 
  • On another page, you will find your reservation. Select it and choose the cancel flight option. 
  • Proceed on the payments page and complete the cancellation for your flight. 

Obtain a cancellation confirmation code in your registered email address or phone number to request a refund from Eva air. 

How long does it take to get a refund at Eva air? 

As mentioned in the refund policy, refunds are initiated at once, however, it may take 7 to 10 business days for the refunded amount to reflect in your original payment source. 

Travelers can contact the customer service team to grab information related to Eva air refunds and the refund status. 

What is Eva’s air flight refund fee? 

A refund fee is applicable on flights reserved with Eva air. Travelers must cancel their flight reservations within the 24-hour period to waive off the refund fee charged by the airline. 

The cancellation charge after the passage of risk-free 24-hours is between USD 100 to 500. The cancellation charge is inversely proportional to the departure date of the flight reserved with Eva air. 

How to contact Eva air for a refund? 

Passengers can reach a customer service professional at Eva air for help and assistance with refunds and cancellations. Use the below-mentioned ways to connect with the customer service team at Eva air. 

  • Eva air Helpline number

Travelers can reach a customer service professional using the helpline number released by the airline. The customer service executives are available round the call on call. All you need to do is locate the contact us option on the main website to get in touch with someone from the customer service department at Eva. Dial the customer service number and you will hear an automated voice declare prompts on call. Select an appropriate prompt to connect with someone from the customer service team. 

  • Live chat option. 

Passengers can reach a customer service professional at Eva using the live chat option. A live person is available 24x7 to help passengers with refunds, cancellations, and other reservation-related queries. Individuals could also request a callback from the customer service professionals using the live chat option. 

Are Eva air tickets refundable? 

Passengers can get a refund from Eva air online and offline. Passengers need to visit the official website of Eva air for online refunds. Fill in the refund request form to submit your refund request with the airline. 

  • Refunds are available for refundable flight fares.

  • Future travel credit is available in the case of the non-refundable fare category with Eva air.  

The customer service department addresses the refund-related queries. 

Does EVA Air Give Refunds?

Yes, Eva Air provides you the refund, and the passenger will be entitled to the full refund from Eva air. You can get a refund from Eva air and get a refund within a given time frame, and you will easily be able to get its services as well. 

Eva airlines do provide you with a refund through different modes. 

  • Via Phone: +1-802-308-3254 or 1 (800) 695-1188 . 
  • Via Chat Representatives . 
  • Via manage my booking option . 
  • Via refund form . 

  Through manage my booking option.

  1. If you wish to avail of Eva airlines' services, you somehow failed to board the services of Eva air. 
  2. You can log in to the official site of Eva airlines. 
  3. Then scroll down the screen, next to it you will find the icon which says manage my booking. 
  4. To retrieve your reservation by putting across all the information such as the last name of the passenger, first name of the passenger, booking reference number. 
  5. Your booking will be retrieved after filling in all the information. 
  6. Once your booking is retrieved, you can easily look for the flight you are supposed to cancel with Eva airlines. 
  7.  Do click on the option which says cancel your reservation, and you will easily be able to get your refund from Eva airlines.

Is EVA AIR refundable?

EVA Air or any other airline claims a refund only when tickets should be refundable and unused. 

Can you get a refund after booking EVA Air flight?

When you reserve your flight tickets through the EVA Air website, you can claim a refund from the airline only if flight tickets are booked before a week of the scheduled flight timing, and it will be done free of cost. 

Does EVA AIR Give Refunds After Canceling A Flight Ticket?

Yes, Eva Air does provide options to cancel your flights and then ask for a refund. If you are looking to get a refund from EVA, go through their policies to understand where you stand with your booking.  

How Much Refund Will I Get?

  • You can get a full refund from Eva Air. This is possible if the customer manages to cancel the booking within 24 hours( 1 day) of booking.
  • One more condition should be fulfilled; the purchase should be older than a week. So this means if you purchased less than 7 days before the airplane is supposed to take off, chances are you can not apply for a refund.
  • The refund money you get can undergo some deductions. The EVA airline authority has a right to apply some surcharges on your ticket. So when you cancel that ticket, how the airline decides to adjust that surcharge amount depends on the airline.
  • Suppose you made payments for some services on your tickets, now you have canceled the ticket. The airline confirms that it will return that service charge if you have not used that service. So all the amount spent on extra services will be returned.
  • The online system is responsible for calculating your refund money. Hence no human error will be involved, and you can be sure no bias is involved in calculating your refund.
  • If you made payment through cash, the money would only be returned if the entire ticket(services included) is not used.
  • If you used your miles account to pay for your ticket, the money would be sent back to your miles account.

Hene long answer short, they will give you your refund, but some policies may prevent you from claiming them. To ensure you get your refund, read through all the policies related to the refund and EVA Air cancellation fee; some of them can get you direct access to your refund money. Now, after this comes to the question, what other policies should you look out for? Since refund comes after cancellation, it only makes sense to go through some important cancellation policies.

  • People need to cancel their bookings within 24 hours; if not, there will be complications with the refund money.
  • You can not cancel the flight after it takes off from the runway.
  • If arrangements were made with other airlines for your trip, this cancellation and refund could take longer than expected. 
  • The airline has the authority to impose an EVA Air cancellation fee, which is mandatory.

For further assistance, please take a look at the customer care service; they are well acquainted with the policies and can give you more insight.

How long does EVA Air refund take?

When it comes to making any changes in your flight tickets or canceling the flight and getting a refund, every traveler needs assistance to follow the procedure. Many travelers must ask how to get a refund from EVA Air. EVA Air provides refunds to their passengers and returns them instantly, but in case your refunds get delayed, the airline will credit them within three to seven working days to your accounts. 

Is EVA AIR giving refunds?

When the travelers are stuck in a situation when they are not able to travel to their planned destination, they ask about Eva Air giving refunds on their canceled flight tickets. Eva Air allows you to apply for a refund when passengers cancel their flight tickets. To claim a refund from the airline, you must go through these steps:

Ways to get a refund from EVA Air:

  • You have to go to the booking website or the airline's official website in the initial step.
  • Tap on the Manage Booking option, and cancel the flight tickets by entering the reservation number and last name of the passengers on the tab given to cancel tickets.
  • You will receive the confirmation mail regarding the cancelation of the flight.
  • Now go to the Claim a Refund section, fill out the form, and submit it to get the refund.
  • The airline will return your refund on your account the same way it was paid for the reservation.


You can easily get your refund from Eva air by simply logging on to its sites and getting its services from Eva airlines and does able to get its services and do avail their services within a given frame of time

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