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What Does Blue Fare on JetBlue Means?

What Does Blue Fare on JetBlue Means?

Blue fare is a category of the passenger having a deal with the airline JetBlue. If you have the blue, then you can get several benefits that will make your trip fantastic and extra comfortable. The person having blue fare is allowed to advance seat selection, you can be the last boarding group and carry on bag free of cost if you change or cancel your flight but the difference in fare applies. 

Some of the mosaic members who are traveling to London with connecting flights can combine the blue basic fare to get an even more spacious seat, as well as the US military member and unaccompanied minors can bring a carry-on bag. Blue fare is not allowed to be sold in combination with flights that are operated by other airlines. Blue fares are not combinable with other fares, but they may vary between different blue fare categories. If you're traveling in the blue, then the carry-on bags should not cross the size limit of 22" L (55.88 cm) X 14" W (35.56) X 9" H (22.86 cm). You can go through different blue categories in this article which provide several facilities according to blue basic, blue extra, etc. 

What is JetBlue extra?

Jetblue blue extra is a little bit of an advanced category of the blue in which you will get the no change and cancel fee, and it provides you the freedom to change or cancel your flight in case you have adjusted your plan in an emergency. Moreover, you will get the freedom to carry your hang bags that are space permitting. If it is free of cost to change or cancel the flight, but you need to pay the amount for the difference in flight fares. The fare consists of 1 checked bag for travelers visiting or from London.  

Apart from the blue extra, you will also get the Blue extra ref, which provides you with early boarding and priority check-in at an even more speed. With the extra, you can get the free carry-on facility which includes permission for the space to international flight passengers. In this also, you will get the no change fees and a full refund from the airline. The fare includes 1 checked bag for passengers going from and to London. With blue extra, you will get free same day switches between flights. With the JetBlue blue fares, you will get a 25 $ travel bank credit that is valid for 12 months.

What does the JetBlue Blue package include?

Jetblue blue package includes several benefits that, include 1 personal item that can be placed under the seat in front of you. The items can be purses, daypacks, laptop bags, or approved pet carriers. According to the airline authority, the personal item should not exceed the size limit of the bag which is 17" L (43.2 cm) x 13" W (33 cm) x 8" H (20.32 cm). The carry-on bags, including wheels and handles will be allowed if they can fit in the overhead bin. You can carry up to 22" L (55.88 cm) x 14" W (35.56 cm) x 9" H (22.86 cm). With the blue package, you will get the guarantee from the airline authority that your carry-on bags will make it to the board as soon as you reach your destination airport. If you have the blue package then the mosaic member can get the early boarding facility. You will also get a more space seat as well as a leg rest if it is a connecting flight. If you are an active US military member or unaccompanied minor then also you can take the benefits of the Jetblue Blue package. The JetBlue blue package includes both personal items and if you have a pet then also you will get the approved pet carrier.


Blue Basic

  • ?We are evolving fare options to reflect the choices that travelers today are looking for - from the lowest fare possible to a fare that includes even more benefits.
  • ?JetBlue is inspiring humanity in the ultra-low- cost and basic economy market, which sorely needs the JetBlue touch.
  • ?JetBlue doesn't believe customers should have to choose between low fares and a great experience.
  • ?With Blue Basic, JetBlue can now compete head-to- head with ultra-low-cost carriers and basic economy fares without sacrificing the customer experience.
  • ?Customers can select their seats for free 24 hours before flights, or even sooner for an additional charge.
  • ?Customers can still bring one carry-on and one personal item onboard for free (space permitting).
  • ?Blue Basic is a good option for customers whose plans are set and know that cancellations or changes won't be necessary.
  • ?Customers who don't mind boarding at the end of the process save with our lowest fare.

?We continue to offer our Blue fare, which includes all the perks our customers love, including free advanced seating.

Blue Extra
?Blue Extra gives even more perks with free advanced seating, full change flexibility, early boarding, and Even More Speed at the airport. ?Blue Extra offers all of these perks at a significant discount over the cost of purchasing these services as add-ons.
Blue Plus

? Blue Plus, which includes a bag, will be offered in a limited number of markets where this fare is popular.


  Blue Basic Blue Blue Extra Mint Blue Plus Only available in select markets
Checked Bags Included 0 0 0 2 1
Carry-On Bag (space permitting) +1 Personal Item Included Included Included Included Included Included
Base TrueBlue points (per $1) 1 3 3 3 3
TrueBlue Online Booking Bonus (per $1) 1 3 3 3 3
Cancellations Cost forfeited - only ancillaries available for refund Allowed with fee - $75 (fares up to $99) $100 (fares up to $149) $150 (fares up to $199) $200 (fares $200+) Allowed $200 Allowed with fee - $75 (fares up to $99) $100 (fares up to $149) $150 (fares up to $199) $200 (fares $200+)
Changes Not Allowed Allowed with fee - $75 (fares up to $99) $100 (fares up to $149) $150 (fares up to $199) $200 (fares $200+) Allowed $200 Allowed with fee - $75 (fares up to $99) $100 (fares up to $149) $150 (fares up to $199) $200 (fares $200+)
Same Day Changes Not Allowed (Even for Mosaics) Allowed with $75 fee Allowed $75 Allowed with $75 fee
Revenue Standby Not Allowed Allowed with $75 fee Allowed $75 Allowed with $75 fee
Advance Core Seat Selection (>24 hours in advance) Allowed for an additional fee Included Included Included Included
Boarding Last General Early Early General
Even MoreⓇ Speed Allowed for an additional fee Allowed for an additional fee Included Included Allowed for an additional fee

What is the difference between basic blue and blue?

There are several factors that differentiate the value of having a basic blue and blue fare like in the blue basic, you are not allowed to have carry-on bags except for the flight which is visiting from and to London, while in the case of blue fares, you are allowed to carry one bag regardless of route. In the case of basic blue fares, you can go for the advanced seat selection free of cost on the other hand with the blue fare the extra fees have to be paid for selecting the seats in advance.

With the basic blue fare, you will get the 1 true blue points per 1 dollar that are spent as well as you will also get 1 true blue point as an online booking bonus. But on the other hand, if it is blue fare or above, then you can earn up to 3 true blue points per dollar that are spent. The JetBlue fare types may vary according to the basic blue and blue. The first bag and second bag will cost you around 35$ and 45$ in blue fare, and in blue basic you need to pay 30$ to 40$ for the first and second baggage. The fees will be charged on baggage that is under 50 lbs. 

If you are traveling between the US and the UK, then in the blue basic the 1st bag will cost you around $65, and the 2nd bag will cost you around 105$. On the other hand, if you are a blue passenger, then it can cost you around 100$ for the 2nd bag, and the 1st bag will be included. In case a blue basic you have carry-on bag is brought at the gate, then it needs to be checked. The fee is around 65$, which is the cost for the 1st and 2nd checked bags, and 180$ if it is the 3rd checked bag.

What is the difference between blue and blue plus on JetBlue flights?

The difference between blue and blue plus is mentioned below in terms of brand ID, RBD, fare type, carry on bag, personal item, etc. In the case of blue, you cannot carry a checked bag, but if you are flying from or to London, it can be one; on the other hand, blue plus allows you to carry 1 checked bag without any disturbances. 

In blue class, you will get free advance seat selection and general boarding; not only that, you will also get the free carry on. If you have changed or canceled your trip, then it will be free of cost, and in blue plus also, you will get the free advance seat selection, general boarding, and free checked bag, free carry on, and no charge to cancel or change the flight but you need to pay the fare in difference. The brand ID for the blue is AN and for the blue plus is CN. In the case of fare type, the blue is EON, and the blue plus is SIP.

You need to pay the blue fare on Jetblue, which is 75$, for the same day switches. You will get a discount of 10$ if some change fee is applicable on your ticket. In the case of a blue fare, you will receive three base TrueBlue points, and if it is a blue plus, then you will get 4 base TrueBlue points. 

What is the difference between Jetblue blue basic and economy?

Jetblue blue basic and economy are a little bit similar but slightly different from each other on the basis of baggage allowance, boarding, check-in, and seats. If you are flying with the blue basic then you are allowed to carry a personal item, but in the case of the economy, you can carry personal items as well as hand baggage that can be placed in the overhead bin.  

You can board the plane last if you are traveling with the blue basic and if you are flying with the economy then will get priority during boarding for the flight so that you do not have to be behind everyone else. In the case of economy class, the seats can be set up to 18.4 inches wide and it may vary based on the flight you are traveling into. You can pay to select the seat prior to the check in process. 

If you are traveling with the blue basic fare with JetBlue, then your bag will be delivered at the same time when you reach your destination. But with the economic class, the baggage time delivery may vary. You will get a meal, free snack, and drinks while traveling with the blue basic fare, but in economics, there are limited meals, and an extra amount has to be paid for food.

With the blue basic, your cancellation and change of flight is free of cost; on the other hand, if you are flying to north and central America. The Caribbean, then it will cost around 100$, and for flying anywhere else, it may cost you around 200$. 

 Is JetBlue plus worth it? 

If you don't have the blue extra on JetBlue, then the JetBlue plus is worth buying because you will get a valuable sign-up bonus and a strong earning rate. If you are a card holder, then you will also get one free checked bag per flight, and you can save up to 50% on in-flight food and beverages such as drinks, tequila, etc. You can also pool some points with friends and family members. If you are having JetBlue plus then the 5000 bonus points will be credited to your account as part of your account anniversary, and you get several benefits of being a member of the JetBlue plus. Once you use the card for any payment then it will cost you 0% foreign transaction fees which makes your journey budget friendly. Moreover, it is suitable for those who are into frequent international trips.

Jet blue plus card membership can be taken with a 99$ yearly plan. And it is very much convenient to use as it is budget friendly and less cost-cutting. In case you are not a frequent flier, then you can go for the general, non co branded travel rewards credit card. If you are a Jetblue plus card member and it is the first time then you will receive a valuable sign up bonus. You can earn up to 80,000 bonus points on purchasing around 1000$ and pay for the annual fee in whole and within the first 90 days. 

Does JetBlue blue fare have free cancellation? 

If you are traveling on the blue fare, then the changes and cancellation fees are free of cost per passenger; however, you need to provide the difference in fare. In case it is a non refundable fare, then the changes in the flight and booking cancellation before the departure of the flight. In case the non refundable fare booking is not changed or canceled within the time limit, then the money that is linked with the ticket will be forfeited. 

In case the refund request after cancellation is not submitted via ARC/BSP settlement process, then the airline will issue a debit memo that will cost around 50$ service charge for getting a refund on the non refundable process. 

Does JetBlue Blue fare include a checked bag?

Yes, the Jetblue blue fare includes a checked bag in which the fees are applied to the checked bags that are added at the airport or within 24 hours of departure of the flight. The fee for the 3rd checked bag is 200$ from/ to London and 150$ for all other routes. You can include a maximum of 2 checked bags in advance after paying 5$ for each bag. The checked bags fee is refundable if the reservation is canceled completely within the departure of the flight.

If you have any doubt or query, then you can connect with the Jetblue customer service executive via toll free number 1-802-308-3254 or 1 (800) 538-2583, available 24 hours and seven days. 

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