To proceed with the flight cancellation or changes, a written request has to be sent by you and the changes will not come into effect until received by us. And do keep in mind that while proceeding to cancel the flight, the supplier may charge cancellation or amendment fee as per their terms and conditions. So, whether it is the policy or cancellation fee, you have to abide by its terms and conditions without any hesitation.

In case of alteration of any service or item apart from expanding the number of passengers in the booking, the passenger is required to pay modification fees which starts from 50 USD per booking. This fee includes hotel supplier charges if any. Every passing time during the changes or cancellation in the booking we are ordered to gather all the extra charges and the passengers will be informed before deducting any charges.

Neither myfaresadda nor its principal or supplier will be stated responsible of cancellation or delayed boarding as no refunds will be generated.