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How to Cancel Frontier Airlines Flight Booking

There are times that passengers have to cancel the flight booking at Frontier Airlines. So, they fetch for Frontier Airlines Cancellation Fee and other doubts to be solved as early as possible. For that, they should know how to cancel the flight booking and what are the mediums by which Frontier bookings can be canceled. 

All the frontier tickets are non-refundable unless the WORKS was purchased at the time of initial booking. All Frontier Airlines bookings are refundable within 24 hrs of booking for flights over 7 days from departure.

Steps to Cancel Frontier Airlines Flight Booking

To cancel your frontier booking, Travelers can log in to "My Trip" or call Frontier Reservations number at 1-701-401-9001 or 1 801-401-9000.

Travelers can cancel Frontier flight booking on call by following steps:

  1. Dial Frontier Airlines' phone number 1-701-401-9001 or 1 (801) 401-9000

  2. Then select 5 in the first menu, 1 in the second menu, and 6 in the third menu.

  3. After that, you will be connected to a live customer representative of Frontier Airlines.

  4. A customer representative will cancel your flight booking.

Fees Charged due to cancellation

Within the 24 Hours: The tickets that are cancelled within 24 hours of booking then passengers are eligible to get full refund amount. THere will be no cancellation fee charged. The refund can be asked by going on Manage My Booking Page by logging teh account on Frontier Airlines website. 

After 24 Hours: If the travel time has been more than 24 hours since you have purchased the ticket, then cancellation charges are applicable. Also, it could happen that the cancellation charges are applicable towards the purchase of the future ticket as well with the same Airlines.

With Works Bundle: If the traveler has purchased the WORKS ticket, then you are not entitled to pay the cancellation fee. You have to visit the website of Frontier Airlines and retain the refund amount. For doing so, click on the online refund request form.

Few More Things To Know

The passenger should not forget to know about the important things that he must know otherwise he may not be entitled to get a chance or get a refund.

  1. The changes made to the itinerary are subjected to any difference in the fare and option prices.

  2. There will be no residual value if your new itinerary is lower than that of the original one.

  3. You will get the value of your itinerary less than applicable cancellation fees as a travel credit when you cancel your itinerary.

  4. To get more additional information, the passenger can visit the page of the website to know cancellation policies and how to use credit while canceling the tickets with Frontier Airlines.

Ways of Cancelling

There are ways such as online mode, mobile application, visiting the Airlines counter, via Mobile Phone to contact Frontier Airlines 1-701-401-9001 ticket by the passengers. But it all depends on customers in which type of mode he is comfortable enough to cancel the fights and could also ask for a refund. 

These are things and policies that every passenger should know for canceling the ticket. If you are unable to cancel the ticket via online procedure mentioned- above, then you can trace the toll-free number to cancel the ticket with Frontier Airlines. The Airlines have a team of professionals equipped with great knowledge to cancel Frontier Airlines flight as soon as possible.

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