Cancel Qatar Airways Flight Ticket

Nowadays making a perfect plan requires a deep research and thorough analysis of the flight ticket prices, booking at the hotel and various other factors.

Though many times it has been noticed that travelers only pick a package that does not affect their amount spend after making modification to the bookings. Qatar airways offer a simple, easy mode to make changes to the existing flight booking with the help of manage booking service. You can change/cancel the reservation at any of the moment by following the below-mentioned steps for cancel Qatar airways ticket.

Stick with the steps to cancel Qatar airways flight ticket

These are the simple, basic points that you should know to cancel Qatar airways flight booking, here read all these steps carefully to get a refund.

  • To get started, first move to the website of Qatar airways.
  • Now Manage Booking.
  • Provide the booking reference number and last name of the passenger.
  • See the current booking details.
  • Choose “cancel” of the existing flight booking.
  • Submit it.
  • After confirmation, you will receive a mail of the canceling flight ticket on the associated mail id.
  • Check all the details of the cancellation whether it is correct or not.

Beside, above all the points to initiate the process of canceling flight ticket, even it is important to know all the basic cancellation policies and hidden charges that may be imposed after canceling the ticket or Qatar airways booking.

Cancellation Policies of Qatar Airways

  • You are allowed to cancel the flight booking 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure.
  • In case of operational delay, or cancellation from the airline itself you are entitled to get back the refund without any charges.
  • In case the passenger holding a non-refundable ticket, then no charges or the Fare + YQ/YR will be refundable to you.
  • If case the flight is canceled or delayed by more than the 3 hours, you are entitled to request for the refund.
  • Passengers are allowed to change the flight date up to 3 hours after the scheduled time of departure. But it should not be sooner than 72 hours from the original timing.
  • If you are traveling along with your infant, then a seat occupied by him/her will be levied the same change/cancellation charge or fee as an adult passenger.
  • If you are not allowing check-in for not having a valid travel document then all the applicable cancellation and No-show fees should be collected.

How to initiate the request for refund?

There are many which to initiate the process of refund either by calling to the helpline number or by submitting a request online. Read all these steps carefully to hit the work in one go for cancel Qatar airways flight

  • Get landing to the Manage Booking service.
  • Enter booking reference number and last name.
  • Find booking.
  • Select the “request to refund”.
  • Get the mail of refund.
  • Check your account whether it is correct or not.
  • Amount will return in a week

Some important conditions of refund:-

  • Passenger can get the refund amount to the original form of payment that you used to purchase the ticket.
  • In case the flight ticket is booked through the official website of Qatar airways, you can ask for the refund of the money by filling the form provided on the website.
  • The airline will refund the amount to the original mode of payment after deducting applicable service charges levied by agent.
  • If the flight ticket is purchased through credit card, then a refund request will be sent to the credit card issuer within the seven business days of receiving request. Then your refund will be reflected after 20 business days of your request.
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