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How much do Delta flight attendants get paid?

Delta Flight Attendant Salary: How much do Delta flight attendants get paid?

Just as a coin has two sides, likewise, Delta works from two different sides. One side offers the most affordable and flexible services, while the second is a satisfactory Delta Flight Attendant Salary. To know more about the same, the information aggregated in the article will always give you an idea about how much an attendant or attendant gets paid. 

Find how much Delta flight attendants get paid-

Usually, the salary for flight attendants on Delta begins at around $33000. It can go up to $110000. However, the pay may vary for different attendants based on their experience. 

Salary is based on hours:

It may be surprising for all the new attendants to know about the hourly rate offered by the airline. However, the highlighted point will be “Delta offers the highest salary to attendants.” In addition to that, there are some more points related to hourly payment, and in the given facts, you will find out the same; please consider the information:

  • On Delta, the salary, based on hours or hourly pay, depends on the number of crew members working with Delta annually. 

  • The airline is also expected to increase its hourly payment for attendants by around $2. 

  • However, the hourly salary is, by and large, dependent upon seniority. 

Some facts related to working hours and associated salary 

In the given points you will learn about the working hours and salary based on that. So, give a careful read to the issues one by one:

  • The salary, by and large, is also based on the number of working hours in flight. 

  • The charges begin when the aircraft’s doors are closed and set to fly. This means your working hours will not be counted when you check in, reach the airport, and complete the other formalities to get aboard. 

  • Based on all these factors, your salary is calculated and initiated. 

When does the Delta team initiate a salary to attendants?

The salary is initiated after every 2 weeks for the flight attendants by Delta Airlines. However, the time frame to process a salary may fluctuate, but it is very rare. 

Unlock the information with respect to working hours: 

In the given points, you will find the information with respect to working hours, which is as important as knowing the salary. So, take a careful look:

  • The working hours, as per the employment notification, are not fixed. 

  • Most attendants work for around 75 to 100 hours on a monthly basis. 

  • However, the working hours determine the salary you are getting. In a nutshell, the more working hours, the higher the pay. 

  • It is estimated that attendants working for around or exactly 100 hours/month are getting a salary of about $3000. 

Available days

There are more facts about the roster released by Delta Airlines for the attendants based on their roles. However, the working days are based on the roster only. 

Work more, get incentives: 

Below, you can find some factors related to extra pay that the airline offers to the attendants; please read the information:

  • Passengers’ review- The reviews from Delta will also fetch some additional payment.  

  • Red Eye flights- Those working for the concerned flights can get extra pay of around 0.50 (dollar)/hour. 

Deduction from your salary:

The airline, in order to provide the medical, dental, and some taxes that the US Govt takes, will be deducted from the salary. The information related to the same will be provided by the concerned hiring team. 

The information provided above will be sufficient to know the salary for attendants, benefits, deductions, how it works, and much more. 

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