Hong Kong:

Hong Kong, which is commonly abbreviated as HK, is the world’s fourth-most densely populated region. The territory of Hong Kong has the largest number of skyscrapers in the whole world that surrounds Victoria Harbour. This place has the highest per capita income in the world and it faces severe income inequality.


Cantonese cuisine is the cuisine on which the food of Hong Kong is based. Rice is the staple food in Hong Kong and is generally served with the other dishes. It is in the wet market that seafood and poultry are sold and the people there focus on the freshness of ingredients. The five daily meals are there in Singapore and they are Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and Siu yeh followed by Dinner. Dim sum is eaten as part of the brunch which is a dining out tradition with friends and family. Mango Pudding, congee, Siu Bao, Siu Yuk are some of the famous dishes of Hong Kong. Deep fried French toast, macaroni in soup and Hong Kong style milk tea is included in common cha chaan teng menu.


A humid Subtropical climate is found in this place where occasional sowers can be found in summers and summers being hot and humid. Thunderstorms and warm air is also part of summer in Hong Kong. There is an occurrence of Typhoons that generally results in landslides or flood. On the contrary, winters are sunny and mild at the beginning that becomes cloudy coming towards February. Strong and cooling winds from the North flows. The most temperate seasons are autumn and spring which are sunny and dry. Snowfall in Hong Kong are extremely rare and 1709 hours of sunshine per year is faced by this place.

Best places to visit in Hong Kong:

Ocean Park: It is a park that is marine-based and is one of the most crucial tourist destinations in Hong Kong. Interactive displays and a blend of educational exhibitions in addition to the thrill rides and shows are provided for the children which makes this place the best place for everyone.

Victoria’s Peak: This place cannot be skipped if you are visiting Hong Kong. it is the highest point on the island of Hong Kong and provide a breathtaking view of the cityscapes. You can as witness stunning views of the city.

Lantau Island: You can visit Lantau Island with the help of Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car. This cable car is a thrill in itself. Aside from giving the stunning view of Ngong Ping village and the island, it also provides an amazing view of the famous statue of Lord Buddha.

Kowloon City: It is a must place visit for any traveler as it is an integral part of the cultural history of the city. You can also visit Kowloon Walled city park where you can enjoy local food scenes that is full of restaurants and eateries that are famous among local foodies.

Famous food to try in Hong Kong:

Fried rice (curry fried rice): Curry fried rice is made in a hot wok. Ham, eggs and some bits of seafood are fried with rice and curry flavoring. Wok Hei is the taste found in rice and when it is mixed with the curry flavor, it makes one of the greatest types of fried rice that you can eat in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong French Toast: It is the food that is popular at local cafes and street food stalls. It is not only the thin slice of bread that is dipped in egg and fried in a skillet but it is more than that.


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