Cheap Flight to Jordan:

Jordan is an Arab country in West Asia. It is situated on the east bank of Jordan river. The population of Jordan is 10 million which makes it 11th most populous Arab country. Out of all, 95% of the population practice Sunni Islam. Jordan has been repeatedly named “Oasis of Stability”. The classification of the country of “high human development” has been given to Jordan and has an “upper middle income” economy. Although Jordan economy is one of the smallest economies in the region it attracts many foreign investors because it is based on the skilled workforce. This is a country which attracts many tourists and is, therefore, a known tourist destination. Due to its health sector, it attracts medical tourism.


The climate of Jordan varies from time to time. Summers last from May to September and is characterized as dry and hot. The average temperature goes around 32°C and sometimes it exceeds 40°C between July and August. Winters in Jordan is cool with a temperature of around 13°C. occasional snowfall and frequent showers can be seen in some western elevated areas.

Best time to visit:

If you want a cool temperature, then you should visit Jordan in the months of March to May. The temperature between June to September is 32°C, although the temperature in the night can drop down below freezing. It happens in the months from December to February. The salty Dead Sea and the beaches of Aqaba touch 40°C in the month of July.

Best destinations to Visit in Jordan:

  • Amman
  • Mount Nebo
  • Jerash – Amongst the best-preserved Roman ruins
  • Bethany Beyond the Jordan
  • Dead Sea- the most thrilling place in the world
  • Umm Qais – A medieval city & modern town both in northern Jordan
  • Petra – Many secrets to reveal
  • The Gulf of Aqaba – A blend of history, nature, and city life
  • Wadi Rum – Everything you’d expect of a quintessential desert valley


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