Turkey is a transcontinental country that is located mainly in Western Asia. The largest city of Turkey is Istanbul but Ankara is its capital. Turkey is bordered by Georgia to the northeast, Iran to the east, Bulgaria and Greece to the northwest, and Iran and Syria to the south.


The climate areas of Turkey have a temperate Mediterranean climate with dry and hot summers and mild, wet and cool winters. On the eastern part of the plateau, winters are severe as the temperature of -30 to -40°C can be experienced. Snow remains in this city for at least 120 days of a year. Summers in Turkey is dry and hot and an average temperature of above 30°C in the day. The wettest month of Turkey is May whereas the driest months are July and August.

Best time to visit Turkey:

Hot Summers and cold winters are experienced by European Turkey and Istanbul and the common feature is snow. Springtime that is in the month from April to May and Autumn from September to mid of November are the ideal months to visit the inland region of Istanbul as the temperature then is pleasant and the skies are clear.

Best destinations to visit in Turkey:

Ankara: Ankara is the capital city of Turkey which have many commercial businesses, government buildings, foreign embassies, and universities. It is an important transportation hub that links travelers to many other destinations in Turkey. Lively arts and cultural scenes are proffered by the city with large concentrations of Museums.

Konya: Konya is a place that was home to the Persian theologian and Sufi mystic, Rumi. The followers were known as whirling Dervishes because of the religious ceremonies in which they spin around and around on the left foot.

Antalya: This is a large, vibrant city that welcomes tourists with numerous restaurants, resorts, bar, and hotels. You can do mountain climbing, swimming and sailing here. Family fun is also an option present here.

Istanbul: Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and one of the largest city in the whole world. Shopping, dining, historic sites, exotic atmosphere, and nightlife are some of the factors that make this city one of the best places to visit in Turkey.


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