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EVA airway is Taiwan based airline that was founded in 1989 and commenced operation in 1991. It is been more than 29 years, EVA air is proving groundbreaking services. It covers more than 40 destinations in different regions, including Australia, North America, and Asia.

For its unique facility and services, it is considered as fifteen safest airlines in the world. It is the first airline that introduced premium economy class and uplifts the experience. If you are looking for a wonderful and satisfactory journey, then EVA airway is a perfect choice for you. We have discussed everything from EVA Air booking, facility to policies that you must be aware of.


Facilities Offered by EVA Airways 

The first and the foremost thing that most of the flyers looking for is “facility” it is something that can make a huge difference. When it comes to the best services, then EVA Air always stand on the top of the podium. We have covered some major facilities below.

  1. Infinity mileage lands 

It is a frequent flyer program. This is a facility or reward offered by the EVA airways to their flyers. If you fly to places quite often, then you are eligible for this program. In this, you can get the benefits, like:

  • Free food and beverages
  • Low ticket fare
  • Extra services to uplift the experience
  1. Luggage pick up services 

Carrying luggage could be a daunting task for aged persons. To make the process easy and help the aged and physically disabled person, EVA airways itself provide a person to carry luggage from your doorstep. And quick security checks for them.

  1. Economy Premium Ticket

It is not something that is an offer by every airline. This airline is offering you the best and unique class known as “PREMIUM ECONOMY” to get this class; you can go through the below-mentioned steps.

  • Visit the official site of EVA AIR or search for the term “booking with EVAAIR”
  • Click on the booking option
  • Provide information like “from” and “to” and the number of passengers
  • You can use the ID too for getting the additional services and low fare tickets
  • And now choose the class “premium economy”
  • Click on the search flight
  • Choose the flight that is suitable for you and make payment through debit and credit card.


In this way, you can get the premium economy class with EVA Air flight booking and that too through the online process.


Major Hubs of EVA AIR 

Major hubs of EVAAIR always are Taipei-Taoyuan, and it covers more than 60 destinations. If you are traveling with this airline, then you have numerous destinations to explore. There are some focus cities too, like:

  • Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi
  • Hong kong
  • Kaohsiung
  • Taipei-Songshan


If you are planning to visit any one of these places, then you should opt for EVAAIR airways. As we have mentioned that it covers different areas of Europe and Asia.


EVAAIR Airways Baggage Policy

 Every airline has its baggage policy, in which you can carry limited luggage. But with Eva’s, you can get the most promising baggage policy that meets your expectation. We have mentioned the policy below.

  • For economy, two bags are allowed and each bag should not weight more than 23kg.
  • Premium ticket holders, two checked pieces are permissible. Each bag should not cross 28kg in weight. The dimension should be 156cm.
  • For business and premium class except for premium, two checked bags permissible and should not exceed 32kg.
  • For infants, you have to contact customer support.
  • You can also have one carry-on luggage but it must be 115cm in dimension.
  • For economy and premium economy, the weight of the carry-on luggage should be 7kg.
  • For royal laurel and business class, two bags are permissible and each bag weight can be 7kg.


You can see how satisfactory their baggage policy is. Before you pack your bag and go with EVA Air reservations you must know the cancellation policies too.

Cancellation Policy of EVA AIR

 Several times, it happens that due to some work, one has to cancel the trip. But, the airline cancellation policy is different and you must be aware of them to get the full refund.

  • 24-hour cancellation policy: If you cancel the ticket 24 hours before or 7 days before the flight departure, then you are eligible to get full refunds.
  • Last-minute cancellation, in this people, can cancel the booked ticket three hours before the departure. But, it caused some charges that we have covered below.
  • Cancellation charges rely on the ticket type and destination.
  • For an international flight, you can cancel the ticket, but make sure you apply for quick refunds. And fund maybe transfers to your credit account or the EVAAIR account. You can use the refund money for booking future flights.
  • For domestic flights, if you have canceled the booked economy class, then you will not receive any funds. Or airlines may deduct some. For premium classes, you can apply and get the refund quickly; however, you may have to bear the cancellation charges.


If you are not aware of online cancellation process then read the below mentioned lines.

Steps To Cancel the Ticket Online 

  • Visit the official site of EVAAIR
  • Manage the booking option
  • Provide the necessary details like confirmation ID and last name
  • Choose the booking you want to cancel


In many cases, a refund depends on the type of payment. For example, for offline payment, you might have to wait for a few days. Now, you can proceed and book Eva Air flight tickets today to turn your journey a memorable journey. 


FAQ About EVA Air Booking

 Q1: What if I cancel the non-refundable ticket in last-minute cancellation?

 If you have purchased the premium ticket with the national place, then you might have to pay the cancellation charges. And, if you have purchased the premium ticket with an international destination, then you are eligible to get the full refunds but depend on the time of cancellation.

 Q2: How can I contact the live person of EVAAIR regarding booking issues?

 You can visit the website and explore the contact us page. And choose the one that is suitable for you. You can directly call on the number mentioned at the footer of the page.