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Aeromexico Airlines pet policy

Aeromexico Airlines can allow pets in the compartment you require for your endorsement. They must be qualified for a service or to assist a disabled customer:

Aeromexico airlines Pet policy are:

  • Only dogs or cats are allowed in all pets. Dogs have tags to identify them.
  • Pets can be at least eight weeks old—no limit for any age of the pets.
  • Most service animals require to follow, behave and obey the orders of their owner.
  • Flying with pets isn't considered any other extra fare.
  • Owners must take care that their pets can sit on the floor opposite them during the entire flight.
  • Blankets, pillows, and items are extremely restricted.
  • However, any disabled passenger is eligible to use extra available seats. It can't be situated in an emergency depart.
  • For pets, onboard can't serve food. They only serve the passengers on the flight.
  • If someone has a pet, another seat will be assigned to the passenger who has pets. However, there is no extra charge or compensation for this change for this additional seat.

Does Aeromexico allow dogs to fly?

Yes, Aeromexico can permit dogs to take in-flight while traveling. However, you can keep your dog with you in the cabin class so that you can make a reservation before booking tickets. You can take your dog on Aeromexico as your baggage can be checked. 

In addition, Aeromexico welcomes or permits small pets like dogs and cats to fly in the cabin. However, It flies less than 6 hours in length to fly a pet flight. However, Most travelers have permission to take at least one pet on board. Therefore, while traveling, make sure that pets are neat and clean before taking flights. As per the Aeromexico pet policy, pets younger than eight weeks are not permitted to travel on the Aeromexico airlines. In addition, it can allow the max. The weight of the pets for flying is 15 lbs (7 kg). Thus, it can also be mentioned in the Aeromexico Airline pet policy. So, whenever you are at present with a dog at departure, follow all the policies, guidelines and restrictions to make it a healthy and enjoyable journey.

How do you take your dog on Aeromexico?

However, for taking pets during travel in-flight with you, you must put away a particular bearer to lay under the seat where you can sit in the flight in front of you. And, during the flight, it's responsible for taking care of your pet, not harming others. 

Now, you can see how you take your dog on Aeromexico Airlines.

Steps of taking dogs on Aeromexico airline:

  1. Before flying, you must contact the Aeromexico bureau two weeks ago with sufficient and crucial documents and information.
  2. Make sure that your pet can check the same as your baggage.
  3. Ensure that you can put your pet in a suitable and comfortable container or thing.
  4. Before your flight departure, check for at least 2 or 3 hours.
  5. You must require absolute security or safety checking.
  6. Now, travel with your pet on the plane.

How much does Aeromexico charge for dogs?

Aeromexico can charge for dogs while booking flight tickets on Aeromexico airlines. However, if you want to transport one or more than the AHIC process is free of cost, but if you are importing more than four pets, the charges of the import certificate will 

1,882.22 pesos. Therefore, this tax can vary according to the Federal Tax law. 

However, if you can take dogs in flight, the Aeromexico charge for dogs within Mexico:

  • Take within the Mexico flight:
    MXN 1,350; Price includes tax.
    MXN 1,350, Price includes tax

In addition, if you can take dogs on flights, then it can cost for dags for international flights:

  • Take for international flight:
    $162 USD/EUR/GBP.

Thus, for more information, you can also contact the airlines of Aeromexico.

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