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Manage your Southwest Airlines Flight Booking

Manage your Southwest Airlines Flight Booking

Southwest airlines are considered the topmost airline in America. It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. This airline is known for its low-cost flight reservation system and covers more than 100 destinations. It is quite amazing, that southwest operates more than 4000 departures every week. 

In the last few years, Southwest airlines advance its flight booking system to meet customer expectations and ever-changing demands. Southwest Airlines manage my booking option to make everything easy and comfortable. Within a second one can perform multiple tasks without wasting the time. No doubt, it is making the customer’s experience more smooth and faster. 


What Southwest Airlines Offer To Their Flyers? 

Southwest Airlines take care of multiple things that play an imperative role to engage customers. 

  • Easy to search flights 
  • Easy and secure online payments 
  • Get the ticket with less expense 
  • Flight time should be convenient 
  • Provide application for better management 

These are the things that make Southwest Airlines unique and the best at their services. The above-mentioned points are easy to direct and everything is mentioned on the official site of Southwest airlines. With manage my booking option, there are numerous task can be performed. We have discussed them individually below. 

Manage Booking with Southwest Airlines 

 Southwest airlines ensure you have everything that you required before boarding the flight. 

  1. Visit the official site of Southwest airlines 
  2. Log in to your registered account. Enter your Confirmation or PNR number

 Once you login into the account, then there are numerous things you can do. 

Know about the booking details. 

 In this section, you can learn about

  • Passenger name
  • Booking reference
  • IATA Code
  • Depart and arrive timings 
  • Class 
  • Fare and additional information, like taxes, fees, and forms of payment. 

 If you find any information wrong, then you can connect to the live person and rectify it. Make sure you go through it before leaving for the airport. It makes the process easy and all changes can be made online.

Update your seat

It becomes a trouble for the flyer to spend time, especially on long-haul flights, if they do not find a comfortable seat. To avoid such a situation, you can update your seat by paying an additional amount. The amount will be the difference between the current class ticket’s fare and the previous ticket fare. 

 The process to upgrade the seat:

  • Visit the homepage of Southwest Airlines Reservations
  • A confirmation number, first and last name. Provide all these necessary details. 
  • Click on the search button 
  • Explore the check-in page 
  • Now, you have to look for the upgrade option. If there is no upgrade option, then you will have to inform the airlines and wait for their reply. 
  • Once you upgrade the seat, then you have to pay instantly to complete the process. 

Payment can be made through rewards or miles. If you do not have any rewards, then you can make the payments through credit and debit cards. 

Reschedule booking 

 Reschedule booking is depended on fare rules. To know about a reschedule ticket is possible for your ticket is permissible or not, you can reach out for customer support or direct the below-mentioned steps. 

  • Sign into southwest airlines 
  • Click on the manage your reservation 
  • Click on the change flight option 
  • Go with the self-service option and click on the change reservation option. Provide the necessary information, like confirmation number, first name, and last name. 

Cancel the booked ticket

 It may happen that due to some urgency, you want to cancel the ticket. It is possible to manage my bookings option. 

  • Sign into Southwest airlines
  • Click on the manage the reservation 
  • Choose self-service option
  • Click on the “cancel the booked tickets” 

However, you can apply for the cancellation, but cancellation relies on the type of ticket. Everything will be mentioned at the time of booking. For instance, Domestic flight cancellation is not liable for refund or you cannot cancel them where international are eligible for refunds. 

If you are not sure about the Southwest Airlines cancelation policy, then you can contact the airlines through the contact us page. Many time depend on the situation, one can get the refunds.

 Include other services

 Southwest Airlines offer you the option to alter the services. Suppose you want to add the extra meal or luggage space, then you can do this with the manage my booking option. 

 In this, you might have to pay for the additional charges. You can use the loyalty program too (if you have) or any kind of rewards to cut down the cost. 

 These are the things you can do with Southwest Airlines manage booking option. 

FAQ About Southwest Airlines Booking

Q1: How do I add a flight to Southwest?

Adding the flight to the southwest is a trouble-free method. 

  • Visit the official site of the southwest. 
  • Click on the flight option 
  • You can see the multiple options
  • Choose the add flight option. 
  • And share the necessary details. 

 It is something that depends on the type of ticket. Once you log in, the airline will let you know that you are eligible for adding flight or not. 

Q2: How to cancel a southwest airlines flight?

 The process of canceling a southwest airlines flight is easy and can direct through the manage my bookings option. 

  • Log into the southwest airlines page 
  • Go to the manage your reservation option 
  • Select the self-service option
  • Choose the cancel the flight option. Here you have to provide the confirmation number and last name. 

Q3: How can I change flights on Southwest?

 If you want to change a flight to the southwest, then you have to direct the below-mentioned steps. 

  • Sign in to the account 
  • Click on the reservation option 
  • Click on the flight tab and go through the drop-down menu. 
  • Self-service option and choose the change flight option 

If you are not getting the solution, then you can directly contact the live air person. If your ticket allows you to do the changes then you can proceed.  

Q4: How Do I Find That I Am Eligible For A Refund?

There are two ways. First, you can go with customer support. Here you have to share all the details, like ticket number and name. The second one is to manage my booking options. Here in this, you have to cancel the flight first and ask for the refunds. If you are eligible then you will receive the amount quickly or in seven to eight days. 

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