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Can I Book 2 Seats on a Plane?

All those who have traveled by airline must be aware of the fact that the airline does not allow you to carry a lot of luggage with you. Though you can carry a lot of luggage with you there is a threshold and you cannot carry anything beyond that. You will be charged for every piece of luggage that you carry with you except the carry-on. 

Now in case you want to carry a lot to travel with a lot of luggage then what you can do is that book 2 seats for a single person. Previously it was not allowed to do s but now almost all the major airlines allow you do so. 

Steps to make Two Seats Booking

If you are thinking “Can I book 2 seats on a plane?” The answer is yes you can. Below mentioned are the steps that you can follow to get yourself two seats

1) Launch a web browser and go to the website of the preferred website. 

2) At the top you will find the option of contact us, click on it. 

3) Then from the menu that appears select the option of connecting through call by dialing +1-802-308-3254

4) You will get on a call with the live person. 

5) To books two seats for a single person you need to speak to the live person. 

6) It is to be remembered that now that you are booking two seats for a single person that also means that you will be charged twice the original price. 

Make a note of the fact that you can book two seats in the same class that is you are not allowed to one ticket in economy class and the other one in business class.

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