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What is the Fly Now Pay Later Payment Plan?

Booking flight tickets can sometimes dig a hole in our pockets? But, what happens if you the option to buy flights and pay later for the bookings? Well, you read that right. With the Fly Now and Pay Later plan, travelers can easily plan out their last-minute trips without incurring any additional costs. 

For the curious travelers looking for details on Pay Later Payment Plan, it is a payment method that enables the customers to divide the cost of the bookings into small payments (without interest) for monthly installments. 

Moreover, the payment plan accepts payment from various options that include PayPal Credit, Klarna, Affirm, Zip, and more. Further, to help travelers get a clear idea, they can read the shared details and plan their next trip accordingly. 

How can one book a flight and pay later?

For the travelers willing to reserve a flight without paying, they can go through the procedure of the online booking shared below:

  • Begin the flight search by selecting the travel type as one-way.
  • Now, input the city or country of departure that suits the travel arrangements. 
  • Then, input the arrival city or country and click on the search flights option. 
  • Further, pick a flight that best suits the travel arrangements and confirm the flight selection. 
  • Then, on the passenger details page, fill out the details of those traveling and opt for Fly now and pay later service. 
  • Now, follow the instructions to fill in the credit details and continue.
  • And after the application is submitted, the traveler will be offered confirmation of the e-ticket on the registered email. 

Thus, this is how the book now and to pay later flights program works. For more details regarding the plan and payment options, the traveler can reach out to the travel experts for assistance. 

Can you pay for your flight tickets in installments? 

For the customers wondering whether they can pay for their airline tickets in installments or not, as per the payment systems, the customers can pay later in 3, 6, 12, 18 months installment if they opt for Affrim, PayPal credit, and PayBright service while booking reservations with a travel agency. Also, the flight ticket payment before, during, or after the trip. 

Points to consider:

  • The monthly installments are dependent on the price of the ticket selected for purchase. 
  • The higher the ticket price, the more one needs to pay back to reserve their flights to pay later. 
  • Further, a deposit will be required before the customer can start paying in installments.

Who is eligible to opt for the fly now pay later payment program?

As per the guidelines, the residents of the United States with the age of 18 years or more are eligible to avail of this payment service. However, the residents of West Virginia and Iowa cannot avail of the service. 

How can a traveler apply for fly now and pay for a later service? 

While checking out online, the traveler can select Affirm as one of their payment options. After that, the customers can follow the sign-up instructions to avail the payment option for their booking. 

What are the benefits of booking flights under the Fly now pay later scheme?

For those looking for the benefits of Book Now and Pay Later Flights, they can go through the points listed below and manage their trip accordingly. 

  1. Flexible payment options

    By using this payment option, the traveler can access the flexible payment service by avoiding a single payment. Moreover, one can select an installment plan that suits their budget offering them an option to save money for other travel expenses. 
  2. Holding the airfare

    By opting for this service, the traveler can confirm the reservations at a much lower fare and still make payment for the later if there is a shortage of funds. In simple words, by using Pay Later Payment Plan, the traveler can even confirm flight tickets at a lower fare without worrying about the availability of funds. 
  3. More money for vacation

    As one can avoid paying an upfront amount while booking reservations, the traveler can use the saved money during the vacation on other activities.
  4. Easy management of funds

    After distributing the airfare in monthly installments, the traveler can easily manage their budget. 

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