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How do I put my flight on hold?

If you are in a sort of confusion or you are still planning something, but you have booked your ticket, then you can always put your reservations on hold. Holding a reservation simply means that the airline will not give that seat away to anyone. Though there is a specific time period to hold your seat and if you exceed that time period your hold will be expired. 


Steps To Put A Flight On Hold

Below mentioned are the steps you can follow to put a flight on your hold. Make a note that not all the airline gives you the perk of putting a seat on hold. 

1) Go to the website of your preferred airline. 

2)   then fill up all the details under the booking sections, such as your date and time of departure, your class, your destination, and all. 

3) Then proceed and pick a flight of your choice. 

4) On the next page you are required to fill in all your personal details and details of all those who are traveling with you. 

5) Then click on the proceed option and you will move to “Review and Page”. 

6) On this particular page you will find the option of Hold, click on it. 

7) You don’t have to pay if your seat is on hold. 


Now if you are looking for “How do I book my flight on hold?” then you can follow the above-mentioned steps. Passenger can also call on +1(802)308-3254 to talk with customer to make booking or to put on hold. Make a note of the fact that the flight can put you off hold any time they wish to, without any notification, and give your seat to those who are actually paying for it. Therefore, make sure that you pay as soon as possible after putting a hold on a seat. 

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