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How Can I Cancel My Flight Ticket and Get a Refund?

Many times a passenger cancels the flight and wants to know that How to Get a Refund after booking the flights at the airlines. For that, you have to check the website of the airlines to get to know about the cancellation and refund policies on any of the airlines. The steps to 

Confirmed your reservations with an airline in advance to avoid additional costs at the time of last-minute booking? But, now due to some unavoidable reason, it is required that the booked reservations need to be canceled. Then, don't need to fret out as most of the airline offers an option to an option to cancel flight ticket booking. 

Guidelines for canceling reservations with the airline 

Before heading on with the process to cancel my flight ticket, the traveler needs to keep the following pointers in mind before confirming the cancellation:

  • For those who cancel their booking within 24 hours of the purchase of the flight ticket, they are offered a full refund without charge of any cancellation fee. 
  • And for the flight tickets that are canceled after the 24-hour duration, the traveler might need to pay a cancellation fee depending on the fare type. 
  • Moreover, all the reservations are not eligible for cancellation. So, one needs to reach out to the reservation department of the airline and manage their reservations in time.

The process to cancel the booking and get a refund

Firstly, open the website and go to the My Booking page. Choose that booking that you want to cancel and tap the Refund button.

  1. You must be known of every refund policy and find the Refund Amount/ Then tap n the Continue button to proceed.

  2. Then, select the flight that you want to cancel and click on the Continue button. Choose the reason as well for the cancellation.

  3. Now, select the passengers that you want to cancel. Click Save and click on the Continue button.

  4. Do not forget to review the refund details and click on Submit option. 

  5. Finally, the status of your booking will tell you that your refund request is submitted.

  6. Then the amount will be transferred to the account.

The refund policies and cancellation policies vary from airline to airline. You should always have a gap between the refund request and the date of your departure otherwise you will not be going to have the refund amount. The process is easy and comfortable enough otherwise you can contact the airline's representative at +1-802-308-3254 A customer representative will assist you in cancel a flight and get a refund on your ticket.

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