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Is it allowed to book a flight ticket without a passport? 

A passport is not always a necessity for traveling. What makes a passport so important for traveling is the passport number. The passport number is more than enough if the airline you are traveling with allows it. Having a passport also depends on the type of flight you are booking. If you are booking a domestic flight, a passport is not a necessity, but it will always be something considered important for flying internationally. Whether you can travel without a passport depends on a lot of different criteria.

What happens if you travel without a passport?

If you happen to travel without a passport, you will not be allowed to enter. The hardest thing that can happen is you will not be allowed by the staff of the airline during the flight boarding. If you manage to dodge it, you will be blocked by the border authorities upon reaching your travel destination. 

Normally, it is necessary to travel with a passport depending on the airlines you are traveling with, your citizenship, and your travel destination.

Can I reserve an international flight without my passport?

It is not always allowed to book a flight ticket without a passport. Initially, while booking the flight, you can fill in the passport number as zero if the airline allows it, but later, you will have to fill in the passport number. Having a passport is always a necessity for traveling internationally. It is always advisable to visit your nearby head office to speed up your passport-making process.

What countries allow travel without a passport?

To travel without a password is a lot about risk. But, it also depends on the country you were born and are living in. It all depends on your citizenship. For instance, if you have citizenship in the United States, there are a few countries you can travel to without a passport you can travel to like the ones mentioned below; 

  • Puerto Rico 
  • US Virgin Island
  • Guam 
  • Canada 
  • Alaska 
  • Northern Mariana Island
  • Mexico 
  • America Samoa

These are a few countries you can travel to, but all of it is only possible if you are traveling there through land or sea; but if you are looking for direct travel, there are some valid identification proofs you would require to show. And a passport can be one of the wanted valid identification proofs. 

Can I book a flight with an expired passport?

You can book a domestic flight with an expired passport as no such documents are required to book a flight on your country premises. However, it is going to be hard to travel internationally with an expired passport. If only you are a special travel case or if you have some special allowance, you would be able to travel with an expired passport. In general cases, it is highly advisable to halt your plans for a while and renew your passport first. If it is necessary for you to go, you can expedite your passport renewal process with a few additional fees and travel securely once you get your renewed passport.  

Can a US citizen book a flight without passport?

There are a few places where a US citizen can book a flight ticket without passport for. It is allowed to fly within the nation’s border. Nobody generally asks for a passport as identification proof for domestic travel. If you want to travel outside the United States border, there are some countries you can travel to, like Canada, Puerto Rico, and American Samoa. If only you take the way through land or sea, but if you opt for the way through the air, it’s going to be hard.   

Can I Travel Without My Passport in an Emergency?

There are a few cases where you are allowed to travel without a passport as identification proof. Such as, if you lose a passport, it is advisable to either apply for a new passport or, in case of emergency, you could get an emergency document almost equivalent to a passport to travel abroad from your embassy or your consulate. And, if you get refugee status from a country, they allow you to enter their premises without a passport.

However, Travelling with or without a passport, the airfares, and all of the concerns also depends on the airlines you booked your flight with. For instance, you can call on the customer care number mentioned here, 1-802-308-3254, to get any of your issues resolved. 

  • Dial the toll-free number 1-802-308-3254 on your handset.  
  • Initially, the IVR will ask you to choose the language you are most comfortable speaking.
  • Hit the number related to your preferred language. 
  • The IVR will then ask you to choose your query from the listed ones. 
  • Press the number related to your query and wait for the call to connect with a human operator.
  • Once the call gets through them, you can share your concerns with them and let them guide you further. 

You can contact the Customer Care services on the toll-free number through the steps mentioned above. Calling seems to be the best option to share deep concerns with Customer Care Services. 
The customer care services are available around the clock. For instance, The human representative tries to give their customers 24 hours, seven days a week, the answer to all of their queries.
You can contact them regarding any of your questions about traveling without a passport. 

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