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Use e-Credit for someone else on Delta Airlines

If you are looking for information and guidance to use Delta e-Credit for someone else, then you can connect with a live person at 1 (802)-801-1212 or 1 (800) 221-1212 who is available to assist you at your suitable time effectively.

Delta Airlines allows you to book your flight ticket using e-Credit that you generally find from your previous booking spontaneously. Most passengers book their flight tickets online using a voucher that they have canceled their flight ticket and got the refund in the e-Voucher. Any refund you have obtained from Delta is issued for a specific passenger who must be used to genuinely book new travel for the same passenger. If you want to ask is Delta use e-Credit for someone else, you must be aware of the rules of using e-Credit provided by the customer representative team that remains active to assist you at your required time quickly.

Can I use my Delta e-credit for someone else?

You cannot use your Delta eCredits for someone else's. It can only be used and utilized by the for the same person. It means you can’t use travel credit for a family or another group.
Many airlines, including Delta Airlines, revamped their cancellation policies and made it easier to rebook a future trip without losing money. You can use it if you don’t want to affect your journey and want to get a refund in cash after the flight cancelation. However, it will allow you to use its e-Credit toward future travel that you can use at a determined date and time accordingly. 

Get started with the points to use Delta e-Credit for someone else:

  • Delta Airlines is usually a non-transferable ticket from one-member account to another, but you can't be applied for someone else's ticket without information.
  • If you want to use the e-credit to book a flight ticket for someone, you must check the passenger's real name on the ticket smoothly.
  • Your e-Credit can be used by the member of the account holder who is only authorized by the airline and book your flight ticket using e-credit.
  • You can redeem your e-Credit after mentioning the details of the booking and check the passenger's real name to use the e-credit accordingly.  

Can someone else use my Delta e-Credit?

Yes, you can use your e-Credit to book a flight ticket online and save more for someone else interestingly. Hence, when you find the allowance to use to e-credit to someone else and wish to know the specific details to redeem Delta e-Credit, go through the certain points provided by the experts.

  • First, ensure you have accessed the booking page after logging in to your account using credentials.
  • Ensure you have entered the complete details of the booking and search for your e-Credit card or SkyMiles account.
  • You can look up & validate your e-Credit that you can select to redeem and click on the continue button to begin your flight search.
  • You can select your review and view your confirmation of the booking using e-credit to book your flight smoothly.

Can Delta e-Credits be used for multiple passengers?

When you use e-Credits, whether printed on paper or sent electronically, certificates and e-Credit will automatically give you several ways to save a significant amount on your upcoming trips. If you wish to gather information to use e-Credits for multiple passengers, Delta lets you use at least five e-Credits per passenger and book and upgrade your flight to enjoy your flight journey decently.

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