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Difference Between Delta Comfort, First-Class & Delta Premium

What's the difference between Delta comfort and first-class?

Traveling with Delta Airlines, you can feel a major difference between Delta comfort and Delta first class. Here are some bullet points that can help you identify the differences.

Seats:- Talking about the seat, the Delta comfort plus cabin comes with dedicated reserved overhead bin space, and with extra legroom, you can get situated and stretch out 3 inches more than the standard main cabin. You can enjoy increased recline up to 6.5 inches for long-haul journeys.

Whereas Delta first-class seats, you get spacious seats with legroom up to 8 inches compared to the main cabin with recline up to 5.4 inches.

Amenities:- With Delta comfort, you get little extra comfort with a pillow, blanket, complimentary headset, and amenity kit for long haul selected flight only, whereas, with first-class, you get complimentary ergonomically designed earbuds from the billboard on a selected flight with essential amenity kits.

Food & Beverages:- You can enjoy Delta Airlines comfort plus perks with long-haul flights, like for routes over 900 miles, you get premium snacks when there is no meal service available. Plus, with flights over 251 miles, you can enjoy Starbucks coffee, beer, wine, etc.

In first-class, you can enjoy food and drink that vary from mileage to mileage. Less than 900 miles away, you get Pre-Packaged snacks, including sweet, savory, now-ubiquitous Biscoff cookies, goldfish, boiled water, tea and Starbucks coffee, beers, wine, etc.

Entertainment:-With delta comfort, you get a limited entertainment option on a long flight, whereas, with first-class, you get an unlimited entertainment option and an 11-inch widescreen on the back of your seat. With a built-in outlet, you stay powered and get wi-fi nearly in almost every flight and get all the entertainment options.

Boarding:- Delta comfort plus benefits include early boarding, whereas, with first-class, airlines invite you to board first and enjoy the first-class experience. Besides, you also get an early SkyPriority accelerated check-in.

Free bags:-You don't get a free bag with delta comfort unless you have a specific credit card or a military person. Whereas with first class, you can get two checked bags for free.

 Is Delta comfort the same as first class?

No, the delta comfort is not the same as First class. While the Delta comfort seats are quite close to the first-class cabin and offer amenities better than those offered in Coach, they cost much less than first class. You get the best food, seats, amenities, entertainment options, and above all, the personalized services in first-class, whereas it is not such in Delta comfort.

Are Delta comfort seats worth it?

Yes, Delta comfort seats worth it, specifically for international flights. You get comfort from extra legroom to the gourmet snacks power outlets under the seats, with a reserved spacious overhead bin, food, beverages, and many more. Regarding the prices, the ticket prices are also reasonable if you compare them with other classes. You get almost everything for the best and most comfortable journey.

Do you get a free bag with Delta comfort?

No, generally, you don't get a free bag with delta comfort plus. But if you lie in the categories below, you can get free bags.

You can get one free bag if you are a SkyMiles Medallion member, SkyTeam Elite & Elite Plus member.

Besides, if you are a military person, you can get five free bags when traveling on Military orders and up to 2 free bags on personal travel.

Are the seats bigger in Delta comfort?

Yes, the Delta comfort seats are bigger for long routes than the general coach; they are almost 17.2 inches wide, the same as the main cabin, around 35 inches of pitch, and a few inches more than the standard cabin. The seats have extra legroom where you can stretch out and relax.

Is Delta comfort the same as Business class?

No, Delta comfort is not the same as business class. In business class, the perks begin with access to delta business class lounges where one can enjoy free food, drinks, wi-fi, etc. There is no such option in delta comfort.

You get all the SkyPriority benefits with business class, including accelerated check-in areas security services; you can enjoy free check baggage, which is not there with Delta comfort.

You benefit from a pillow, blanket, noise cancellation headphones, amenity kits featuring Le Labo lotion and lip balm, mask, etc., which is not included in Delta comfort.

With delta business class, you can have the best dining experience onboard, including seasonal, check curated meals of your choice, paired with wines, beers, top-shelf spirits, etc., which you can't get with delta comfort.

What is the difference between Delta Premium Select and Delta comfort?

Seats:-Traveling in Delta premium, you can enjoy more space to stretch out and relax with wider seats. You gets more recline, and adjustable footrests and leg rest along with extra legroom. Whereas in delta comfort, you get a reline of around 6.5 inches for long-haul international flights.

Entertainment: With delta premium, you can watch the best-in-class entertainment screen at each seat or on your device to enjoy complimentary delta studio. In comparison, the delta comfort includes a screen of around 9 -11 inches at the back of every seat with a list of recent movies, TV shows, and a few series from HBO.

You can keep your device powered up with in-seat power ports located in the armrest or the front. You also get a power outlet to charge your devices with delta comfort.

Food:- You can enjoy Delta's signature services, including Starbucks coffee, wine, unlimited food, etc. With delta comfort, you get a drink and Starbuck coffee for long-haul flights under 900 miles.

Airport services:- Delta premium passengers can receive Sky Priority service with accelerated check-in, security, baggage service, etc. You are almost the one to board your flight with delta premium, whereas it is not with delta comfort.

Overall, at the delta premium, you can enjoy your journey to the fullest with personalized flight attendant, good food, drinks, comfortable seats, etc. In contrast, in Delta comfort, the services are limited.

Is Delta comfort the same as a business class?

No, it's not the same as business class. Starting before the departure, you get the best lounges to relax with the best food and drink options. You can enjoy all the seasonal foods and beverages with delta business class which is not in delta comfort.

Regarding seats, business class seats are much wider and more comfortable than Delta comfort seats. They have spacious and extra legroom with a widescreen at the back.

Amenities in delta business class include everything essential for making your journey comfortable and beautiful. Starting from Le Labo lotion and lip balm mask, you get every essential in your amenity kit.

Entertainment options are unlimited with business class, including noise cancellation headphones; you get a variety of entertainment options, music, etc., which are not in the Delta Airlines comfort plus.

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