Delta Airline Baggage Policy and Fees

Get Information Regarding Delta Airlines baggage policy and Charges

Delta Airlines offers you many flexible services among which baggage policy is one of the things that makes traveling hassle-free. The airline gives you one carry-on, standard checked baggage, and handbag. Also, the airline allows you to travel with additional baggage that depends on several factors like fare type, destination, and purpose.

The number of bags to carry gets decided as per the baggage policy of the airline. And to know everything about Delta Airlines baggage policy, you should go through the information mentioned below.

Already confirmed reservations with Delta Airlines and are looking for details regarding the baggage policy to avoid issues at the time of boarding? Then, you are in the right place as in this article you will be provided with the complete information to easily manage your baggage and avoid additional charges.

Guidelines of the Delta Airlines baggage policy that one needs to follow

For the travelers who are looking for Delta Airline baggage info, they can go through the pointers mentioned below and plan out their trip accordingly. 

Delta Airlines Carry-On Baggage

Not sure whether you to check-in the baggage or not? Then, here are the quick guidelines for the carry-on baggage that one can go through to manage the baggage. 

  • As per the airline baggage policy, the traveler can bring one carry-on baggage along with one personal item. 
  • Further, the total dimension for the carry-on baggage should not exceed 45 linear inches and the total weight should not be more than 7 Kg. 

Delta Airlines Checked Baggage

Besides, for the travelers who are looking for the Delta Airlines luggage information in case of checked baggage they can check out the details mentioned below:

As mentioned in the baggage policy of Delta Airlines for those traveling in the main cabin within the United States without any airline service are offered the following options:

  • First standard bag for a fee of $30 with a maximum weight of 23 Kg along with one carry-on baggage and personal item. 
  • However, the travelers planning to carry second checked-in baggage are required to pay $40 for each way. 
  • Further, the total dimension of the checked baggage should not exceed 62 linear inches. 
  • Also, the fee for the checked baggage can vary with the fare type and travel route of the reservations. 

Moreover, to calculate the fare the traveler can visit the Delta airlines luggage information page and estimate the cost for their checked baggage. 

Excess baggage 

For the travelers who are planning to travel with excess baggage, they are required to make payment for a certain fee that one can confirm by reading out the information mentioned below or by reaching out to the reservation department of the airline. 

  • As per the excess baggage policy, 10 bags per traveler is permitted as mentioned in the policy. 
  • Further, those traveling within the United States, are required to pay $150 for third baggage and $200 each for the baggage above four. 
  • Also, if the weight of the baggage exceeds the standard limit, then the traveler is required to pay $100-$200. 

Restricted Baggage 

Moreover, for the travelers looking for information regarding the Delta airline baggage info for restricted baggage, they need to visit the airline website and check out the mentioned list to avoid any issues at the time of boarding. 

Special items

Lastly, for the travelers carrying special items along with them, they can visit the airline website and check out the requirements for carrying the special items and manage their baggage accordingly. 

Get All Details about Baggage Policy of Delta Airlines

With the above information, you won't have any query about baggage fee and you can travel without paying any additional fee. On the off chance, you need more information about Delta Airlines baggage policy; you can connect with a representative of customer support. The support team member will help you thoroughly and provide you all the required assistance. Above all, the representatives are available over a phone call. So, dial the number and get all details immediately.

Besides, if the traveler has queries regarding Delta airline baggage info, they can reach out to the airline reservation department of the airline and manage their baggage accordingly to avoid issues at the time of boarding.

Book Delta Airlines Flight: Delta Airlines Booking

Delta Customer Service Number: 1 (800) 221-1212 or  +1-802-308-3254

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