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How do I call Delta Airlines from El Salvador?

To get the information from El Salvador for Delta airline reservation you can dial number +503-2113-0419 or 2-275-9292 to call Delta from El Salvador and apart from the call you can also get in touch with the Delta airline through the chat or the Email or via social media. You can get this number from the official age of the delta airline and on the official page, visit the contact us an option; when you visit the contact us option, then at the still need to drop down, you have the central America option select that and there you will find the El Salvador number of Delta airline. You also have to get through the IVR step to connect with the live person. And the IVR steps are:-

  • First, you have to choose language and the language option you will get by pressing 1
  • And 2 for making the reservation.
  • Press 3 for the change/cancellation 
  • Press 4 for the luggage information
  • Press 5 to know about the mile.
  • Press 8 to talk to customer service; after following this process, you can Contact Delta Airlines from El Salvador. But this IVR may vary at the call time; choose your option wisely.

What is the airport code for El Salvador?

The El Salvador airport has two different codes for different flights. One of the codes for airports is MSSS which is for international flights, and the ILS code for charter and military flights. 

 How many airports are in El Salvador?

There is only one airport in El Salvador. And the airport has all the different flight options as you can take the domestic flight as well as the international flight. Not only these flights, but you can also have private flights and military flights.

El Salvador International Airport Phone number 

If you are looking for the El Salvador International Airport Phone number, then this is the +503 2367 9455 number through which you can get in touch with the team of El Salvador airport.

ways to contact El Salvador International Airport

If you want to get in touch with the El Salvador International Airport, there are numerous ways to get to them, and the ways are as follows.

Via Call

You can reach out to the El Salvador International Airport by calling and have the on-spot resolution. You can get the phone number by visiting the official page and there to contact us page, and you can find the phone number, or for the phone number, you can refer to the above article and use this number to get in touch with El Salvador International Airport customer service.

Via live chat 

You can also have your doubt solved by chatting with the airport team. And to get the live chat option by your internet browser, search for the official page of the El Salvador International Airport and select the contact us option at the right bottom of the page; you have the chat option.

Via social media 

This is the new way to get in touch with customer service at El Salvador International Airport, and the social media by which you can get in touch are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For Facebook, search facebook.com/elsalvador, and for Twitter, search twitter.com/elsalvador and for Instagram, use instagram.com/elsalvador. Choose any following and send a message directly to the El Salvador airport team.

Hence in this article, you can have the El Salvador airport details as well as the Delta Airlines El Salvador phone number mentioned in the first topic dial the number from there to the Delta airline custom service of El Salvador.

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