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How to file a complaint with Delta Airlines?

When traveling with Delta Airlines, there are chances that passengers might face some trouble. Some travelers are prone to the situation of inconvenience, and they want to file a complaint against the airline. Travelers may find a way to file a complaint with Delta Airline against the staff for their poor services. As Delta Airlines is the legacy carrier of the United States, it prevents the inconvenience of the airline as much as it can. Since trouble never sees time and appears, it can show up anytime, so airlines have to file complaints with the passengers. 

Make a Delta Airlines Complaint on a Phone Call:

You have to dial Delta Airlines phone number 1 (802)-801-1212 or 1(800) 221-1212, and then the customer service person will attend your call. Tell them to file a Complain to Delta Airlines regarding inconvenience or any baggage lost. They will file your complaint and take action against the irresponsibility of the airline staff. 

Alternative ways to file a complaint:

There are different ways to file a complaint, and some passengers do not prefer the calling process for Delta airlines complaint and need an online process. The process is as follows:

Steps to file a complaint on Delta Airlines:

  • First, you need to open the airline's official website on any web browser.
  • Choose the Need Help option from the home screen after scrolling down. 
  • Go to the help center section. Click on the Feedback and Complaint section of the airline.
  • Choose the category of complaint you want to make and select the topics related to your complaints.
  • Enter the contact details like name, address, and contact number. After that, click on the comment section to continue.
  • In this way, you will see a comment box where you need to write down all your troubles and issues faced during the journey. 
  • Attach the documents as asked by the airline, and submit the complaint. 

Once you have submitted the form or application to file a complaint, you will be acknowledged by an email related to the confirmation of the complaint. The airline will further take action against the staff and will solve your issues related to the baggage or any other problem. 

File complaint using live chat process:

If you don't like to talk on a phone call with the airline's customer service, you can easily have a chat with them. You have to follow only a few steps to have a chat with the airline. The steps are as follows:

  • Visit their official website on your web browser. 
  • Scroll down and then try to find the contact us option.
  • Tap on the live chat option and type down all the issues regarding the complaint.
  • Send it to the customer service person. They will see your complaint, try to ask you for more details, and take the exertion.

File a complaint through email services:

 You can even contact the customer service person regarding filing a complaint through their email services. It is very easy to send an email and tell them about the reason for filing a complaint. 

  • Create an email and include all the charges you want to file against the airline staff or any baggage lost.
  • Send it to their official email address, and they will file your complaint and inform you. 

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