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How to Call Delta Airlines from Cartagena?

Do you have any queries regarding Delta Airlines and you are living in Cartagena? So, you can visit the website of Delta Airlines, where you can get the contact information, and you can call Delta Airlines from Cartagena. Go to the website, and there will be an icon for contact us. Click on the contact us icon, and then you get the helpline numbers according to the concern. You can call this number- 800-221-1212, for SkyMiles Members, for Flight Information, for Checking Refund Status when the call gets connected to the customer care representative. After that, you can share your concern with them. They will quickly respond to your query.

Steps to calls in Delta Airlines from Cartagena

  1. Call on Delta Airlines Cartegena helpline number +1 (802)-801-1212 or 01-800-956-1035 whatever the services you require.
  2. When you dial the number, they will speak to select your language. Suppose you want to speak in English, dial 1. If you require other languages, you can dial2.
  3. If you require assistance with in-flight information from Delta to Cartagena, dial the number 4.
  4. If you require assistance for sky mile members so you can dial the number 5.
  5. If you require assistance with refund status, you can dial the number 6.
  6. After that, you must share your cancellation number to check the refund status.
  7. If you want to speak with our customer care representative, dial the *.
  8. When you connect with the customer care representative, you can raise your concern. They will solve your query as soon as possible.

How to contact Delta Cartagena Customer Service? 

If you want to contact Delta Cartagena Customer Service for assistance in checking your refund status, contact them through social media, or you can use the chat process.

Ways to Contact Delta Cartagena Customer Service. 

Contact the Delta Cartagena Helpline Number.

You can visit the website and get the contact number of Delta Cartagena Customer Service 1 (802)-801-1212 or 01-800-956-1035. When you get the number, then call on that number and raise your concern over there.

Chat Process

Customers could chat with the Delta Virtual Assistant or a live representative specialist at the website and you get the quick answers if the customer requires any assistance so they can message over there. In this, you can chat with the customer support service that tries to resolve your query on their end. 

Steps to Chat with the Virtual Assistant

  • Open the internet browser on your phone, laptop, or desktop
  • Visit the website of Delta
  • Click on the icon; let’s chat.
  • When the chat icon opens, it will ask for some information like- your name, surname, contact number, and your query.
  • Fill in all the correct details that you require.
  • Raise your concern on the chat box
  • They will try to solve your query.
  • If you did not understand the solution during the chat, you could ask them to arrange a callback.
  • They will arrange a call back for you.

Social Media

Suppose you have raised your concern regarding the air tickets or checked the refund status on the website, but they did not respond to you. So, you can raise your query on the social media platforms like- Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. When you raise your query on social media platforms, they will respond your query as soon as possible.

Does Delta have customer service in Cartagena 24 hours a day? 

Yes, Delta has customer service in Cartagena 24 hours a day. You can contact the virtual assistant or customer representative.

How to call Rafael Nunez International Airport?

To call Rafael Nunez International Airport a person can dial +57 5 6931351 and get customer assistance from the airport. 

For any other queries you can contact the Delta Airlines Cartagena customer service number 1 (802)-801-1212 or 01-800-956-1035.

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