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Is Delta Airlines allowed to change my flight?

Yes, not always, but the airline might change your flight because of unwanted situations or extraordinary conditions. However, if the schedule change is because of the airlines and not any extraordinary situations, Delta always provides you a rebooking option and refund options when possible. 

Moreover If you think, what to do if Delta changed my flight, you can follow the procedure below to rebook your flight or call the airline directly to request a refund. 

  • Go to the Delta Airlines official website and locate the My trip section.
  • You need to enter your confirmation number, first name, and last name to retrieve the booking details.
  • Select the booking you wish to rebook, click on the Modify flight button
  • Now you can make the required changes to rebook your flight
  • Follow the instruction on the screen to complete the rebooking formalities

Going through the instructions above, you can rebook your flight anytime. Besides, if the change is not acceptable, you can raise your voice and claim a refund. You can also modify your delta ticket if it is required. Let's understand Delta change policy now to avoid hassle and penalties later.

Delta Airlines change policy

Delta's change policy contains several terms and conditions that you need to keep in mind if the airline changes your flight or you make a change at your end.

  • As per the Delta airline's policy, you can make free changes within a 24-hour booking, no matter what ticket type you hold. Whereas changing a ticket after 24 hours might cost a change fee.
  • Delta Airlines eliminates the change fee for tickets that originate from North America. However, you can not change the flight after a 24-hour risk-free period for basic economy tickets.
  • As per the Delta change policy, if you have a non-refundable ticket, you can change the flight by paying a change fee of $ 0- $ 500, depending on route, price difference, etc.
  • You can change the refundable ticket without paying a change fee, provided you met all fare rules and ticket rules and the seats are available.

Can I get a refund from Delta if they changed my flight time?

Yes, you can get a refund from Delta if they change the fight time. Here you can go through the quick information below for better clarity.

Refundable ticket

You get a refund for the refundable ticket if there is a schedule change with Delta airlines.

Non-refundable ticket 

If you hold a non-refundable ticket and Delta changes the schedule, you will be eligible to get a refund only under the conditions below.

  • Delta delays the flight for 120 minutes or more. 
  • Change in the itinerary which results in no comparable schedule being available within 120 minutes 
  • Due to a change in the routing of your scheduled delta flight that further adds one or more stops to your actual itinerary
  • Change in the equipment from DL mainline to the DL connection carrier
  • Schedule changes that result in causing disconnect

So if any of the above happens, you can get a refund from delta airlines for the schedule change. Besides, if you are worried that Delta changed my flight, you can speak to the delta customer support team directly to get better assistance at that time.

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